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Do you want to help answer some questions about cows?

Asked by longgone (14807points) October 10th, 2017

I’m in cow country, and it’s made me curious.

1) I saw a cow tied up by her tail. I think that’s cruel, and I’d love to know why anyone would do that.

2) Are there any theories as to why cows have such rough tongues?

3) Would a group of cows be likely to politely wait their turn to be milked? I saw a bunch standing in front of an open door, and it seemed like they were taking turns to go inside.

4) Why would a calf have had a plastic ring put through her nose? It doesn’t appear to hurt, but it seems like there has to be some sort of strange intent.

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1) Some people are saying they tie the tails up when milking them so that the tail doesn’t whip around

2) Cows don’t have a top set of teeth and their tongue can rip apart the grass, so maybe thats why

3) They can be trained to wait in a nice line

4) I read that it’s to prevent them from suckling on other calves udders?

EDIT: Calves don’t have udders—oops.. Thanks @snowberry
I misread the site and possible the fourth question. I was reading something about how they use non-piercing spiked nose rings to prevent the baby calf from suckling on the mothers udders, not another calves udders.

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1) For milking—I see @SergeantQueen beat me to it

2) For grooming their calves.

3) Cow are very social and know their order to be milk

4) A ring in the nose would make me think the “calf cow” was a “calf BULL”.

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Psssst! @SergeantQueen calves don’t have udders. They’re baby cows.

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I edited my response, thanks :)

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The ring is for control. If they get rowdy and dangerous, grabbing that ring settles them down quick.

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How is a cow being tied up by the tail any crueler than being tied up by the neck?

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I think they tied its tail up to keep it from swinging, not to keep the animal from moving around. Nobody ties an animal up by its tail to keep it from moving around.

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