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How do we handle this extinction?

Asked by Patty_Melt (11368points) October 15th, 2017

Experts say coffee will be extinct, gone forever, by the year 2080.
That is a ways off, and shouldn’t affect we older folks much, but should we prevent coffee addiction for younger generations?
The usable coffee crops are expected to be half what they are now by 2050, so prices could be expected to escalate well before then.
Will we find a substitute?
Will tea sales increase?

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This sounds like a ploy to drive the cost of coffee through the roof.

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Please give link to “experts say”!

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Patty has a tough time posting links. I did a quick search and found a bunch of news articles and regular links about this.

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You bet sweetie!

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Still what a great way to drive the price through the roof, you can a few a very select few are going to become very wealthy from this news.

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I think far more serious problems will affect humanity, by 2080…

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I have this mental image of bomb shelters/secret arsenals being suddenly filled with tons of vaccum packed coffee.

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We are going to run out of bananas way before we run out of coffee.

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If we ourselves aren’t extinct before the coffee it’s a certainty that there will be a synthetic substitute. In fact I would bet that by 2080 there will be genetically modified coffee plants that will thrive in the Sahara.

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As the price increases the profit motive will prevail. More land will be devoted to coffee.

A side note: I worry about bees and fruit trees. About a year ago I cut a tree that was leaning dangerously over my barn and inadvertently destroyed a huge bee nest.
This season my 50 apple trees had 100% blossoms but only one tree bore fruit – the tree closest to the old hive.

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False crisis. Not quite fake news, but getting there.

I think that the answer above are correct – science and the profit motive will spur botanists to come up with other coffee beans that will be hardier.

I don’t think there will be a coffee crisis at all. People are smarter than one thinks.

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I figure that I will continue to get my coffee from the Hawaiian Islands or Jamaica Blue Mountains. Or maybe Columbia and Costa Rica.

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Human have survived long ago before they even discovered coffee so there’s no reason that we couldn’t do it should coffee become extinct. We’ll eventually get over our reliance on coffee. Not that I believe they will, though. That sounds more like paradoxical news to me.

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@MrGrimm888 Reminds me of something I read this weekend while researching solar panels. One site noted that as long as the sun rose in the morning you would always have power. It went on to say that if, for some reason, the sun did not rise one morning then you probably had more serious problems than your solar panel not working.

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@Tropical_Willie do you find it as irritating as I do how many coffee companies will find a way to work the term “Blue Mountain” into their copy usually in enlarged, bold letters splashed across the packaging and yet when you take the time to read you find out that it is not Blue Mountain coffee, and in all likelihood has absolutely no connection to it.

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I’ve purchased real Blue Mountain for the last 50+ years. But now it is usually Hawaiian.

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Coffee is nasty so good.

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I really don’t care much for coffee. Tea is better.

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No coffee? Just shoot me.

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@NomoreY_A do you want me to shoot you?

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@Zachary_Mendes123 I’m sure that @NomoreY_A won’t allow anyone to shoot him unless they show him a Juan Valdez-certified Coffee Extinction Certificate. ;-o

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