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Is caffeine addictive?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4925points) September 24th, 2010

Sure we get into habits and might be grumpy if we don’t have our morning coffee, but does that really meet the definition of “addiction?”

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Yes, caffeine is highly addictive to some.

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You go through withdrawal, which means you are physically addicted. Depression, fatigue, lethargy, irritability, nausea, and vomiting are all common symptoms of withdrawal.

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Yes, a headache from caffeine withdrawal has been the worst for me, then the depression, fatigue, lethargy, irritability.

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I’ve had coffee almost every morning since I was 13, But if I skip, I’m totally fine. No withdrawls. I’m acception. I believe it is addictive.

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@papayalily ; I love that! Thanks!

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Yes – beautifully so, I love it!

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I have never understood this. I live in Spain, and I know most people on this site live in the USA. and I know a lot of people in the USA consider giving kids caffeine immoral, almost like a drug. I have seen a lot of American sit coms where people joke about needing coffee and things like that. I really don’t get it. I was so young when I had my first coffee that I cant even remember. I was not even in to double digits by the time I first had some. I really like coffee, but I can have 2 or 3 big mugs of the stuff and then go to sleep without a problem, and if I go without, it does not even enter my mind for a second.

I do have and addictive personality, I smoke tobacco, and I like my weed too. but coffee has never been one of them. maybe it is because of my size or something, because honestly, even red bull does not affect me. I can drink 1 or 2 cans of the stuff and feel slightly more energetic for a little while, but i could also drink a couple of cans and go to sleep 5 minutes later.

Personally, i would need to see some real hard evidence before i could accept that coffee is addictive in the slightest.

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I definitely get addicted if I drink it more than a couple days out of the week.

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@poisonedantidote I had caffeine from a very young age also. As a toddler defizzed coca-cola was a treat in my bottle. Certainly by elementary school I was drinking coke regularly with meals. The caffeine is addictive, but once you are drinking it every day it becomes your normal. If you try to quit you suffer. Try it, it will be your evidence, I dare you. Bad headache, feel like crap, falling asleep everywhere.

A family member of mine used to let her child have coke on the weekends as a treat. Low and behold her young child would get frequent headaches, many times on Monday. They thought he was trying to get out of school. I told them he is constantly withdrawing from caffeine every Monday or Tuesday. Turned out my solution worked. I feel people should either accept it is addictive and drink it regularly, or don’t have any (a cheat once in a blue moon is not a big deal). Constant withdrawal sounds more traumatic to the body to me.

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Coke used to have cocaine in it. I wonder if kids had “coke” in their baby bottles back then?

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@GeorgeGee I’m not that old. I’m 42. Coke originally was used medicinally, not sure when that changed, and not sure when they finally took the cocaine out? Was it still in there when it was being bottled for mass sale? My husband’s mom put Coke in his bottle also as a treat (this is when I knew we should be married, and we both ordered Coke with no ice on our first date. I actually quit caffeine 10 years ago, but that is a different story). My hubsand was raised in Mexico, and I in the US as an interesting side fact. He was given “coffee” as a child also, basically milk with a little coffee in it and sugar.

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Physically, it makes you feel more tired than you actually are after you become used to it, mentally, it becomes addictive expecially to overachievers.

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I’m not addicted to caffeine.

I can quit any time I want.


I can.

It’s not a big deal.

Just because caffeine in coffee and soda is so wonderful, keeps the headaches away, brightens every aspect of my day, that doesn’t mean that I need it.

See? I just typed this whole thing without a single sip of the coffee at my elbow here. ‘Tweren’t nothing.

And now I’m going to have another sip of coffee. Not because I must, but because I don’t want it to go to waste. Some farmer in a rainforest worked really hard to grow these beans and I respect that.


(long, slow, pull on the java)

Ohhhh-h-h-hh-h-h-h god that’s so good!

Get away from me! Get your own damn coffee!

You people are crazy!

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I haven’t had any coffee the past 3 days… I miss it :(
No reason other than I just haven’t fixed it… hmmm wonder if they have any in the breakroom. let me amble that way and scope it out.

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“Yes, caffeine is highly addictive to some.”

To some? To all.

“Some” just manage it better then others.

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From first hand experience, yes. I have been trying to lessen my caffeine intake for a while now. I’ve managed to get it down to just one can of Mountain Dew or one cup of coffee per day. (Used to be at least two/day)

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I once had a case of soda delivered to my house at 4am (I don’t drive).

It is addicting.

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@poisonedantidote some people don’t get any positive or negative effect from caffeine, don’t get addicted and don’t get withdrawal symptoms. So you might (like me) be one of those people. But we’re very much in the minority.

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The issue seems controversial. Very few scientific studies seem to use the term addiction or even talk about caffeinism. Enter caffeine addiction in Wikipedia and you get

unlike alcohol addiction which will give you

instead of alcohol.

Yes, there can be negative effects like headache and there’s caffeine overuse and intoxication.

But my answer is, while caffeine certainly is a psychoactive stimulant drug it isn’t addictive. It can become an obsession.

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Oh sadly yes caffine is addictive. I’m 17 and already if I don’t drink so much coffee a day I get this mind shattering headaches! Did you know that you can also overdose on caffine. Probably not so much on coffee, but caffine pills can deffinately do the job! Be carefull all you caffine junkies =]

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Yes it is. Atleast for me. When I was 16, I use to drink at least 12 cans a day. I then started getting caffeine headaches if I didn’t drink any pop that day. I’ve slowed down on the caffeine and drink maybe about 4 cans a day maybe a little more depending on the day. haha. It’s bad, It’s hard to stop drinking it all together because if I do that I get really bad headaches. :( But, I’m trying.

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If you are dependent on the stuff, which means you have built a tolerance from it and when you don’t have it you withdrawal, then you are addicted, it is what it is….I’m just saying.

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