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Is there a way to fix my browsing issues on my MacBook Pro?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5441points) October 16th, 2017

I am using a MacBook Pro 2011 and I am having quite a few issues when accessing the web on it. I was advised to upgrade to the latest OS and I have done so. Took a while for any of my browsers to load up Twitter and Facebook. They finally do load now, although many of the images and profile icons do not display.
I’ve also noticed that certain news websites and short links from twitter will not load. I keep getting an error message telling me that its not a private connection
Do you have any suggestions to how I could resolve this issue?

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First guess would say it’s a networking issue and to try a different connection or different computer on that connection if possible to narrow down the source.

DNS would explain a lot of those issues, but it should also be handled automatically, so seems unlikely unless you’ve made a lot of changes to your network settings within OSX.

I don’t think your error message is loading, just an icon. That will really help figure out the problem.

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@funkdaddy thanks I’ve changed the image hosting site, so it should be viewable now.

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What happens if you use another web browser such as Opera?

Or seeing if Safari has an option to ignore that class of security warnings.

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I get a similar message just worded differently. I also tried chrome and firefox

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Is the message you show in the link from trying to connect to YouTube? or another site?

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Hmmm, with the recent upgrades and the error I’d guess maybe you have an expired certificate at some level (or several?) and that’s the issue… but they should update automatically, so I’m confused. The upgrade(s) went well and you have plenty of disk space?

Here’s a related article that talks about how to check certificates, that would probably be a good first step. Removing expired ones may force an update, but I’m really not sure there.

Just to clarify, you’re on High Sierra?

If so, your certificate list should look like the ones below (there’s an easy way to check them all up above the list)

List of available trusted root certificates in macOS High Sierra

You might try checking the app store for updates before all that, if you haven’t already.

I guess as one last possibility, there was a major wifi compromise announced today, theoretically someone could be feeding you a certificate via that I suppose in order to view your encrypted traffic, but using an expired one just seems like an odd corner to cut. If you’re in an “academic environment” though, someone may be testing the compromise.

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Thanks everyone. I was having this issue on all browsers and I am using High Sierra. It seems it was in fact a dns issue. I managed to reset this via my network settings.

Everything seems to be working perfectly now. So happy to have things working properly again, I literally couldn’t access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various news websites and yet things were working find on my much older 2008 iMac. Glad I figured things out, thanks to you guys and some other forums I’m a member of.

Thanks again!

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