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How many bicyclists per capita, are killed or injured in traffic, in a year, wherever they have no licence plates?

Asked by flo (11037points) October 16th, 2017

How many bicyclists per year, (per capita) are killed or injured in traffic, wherever they have no licence plates? And how about where they have licence plates?

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Where are bikes required to have license plates? I have never seen this.

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What do license plates have to do with traffic accidents involving bicycles?

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I think @flo has picked this up from previous thread where discussion was going on whether license plate for bikes should be mandatory. Having license plates will help identify them and get compensation was one of the point if met with accident.

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The answer would be the same if you asked for the same stats about driver’s licenses.
The point is not safety.
The point is about the political State getting your money and controlling your behavior.
When you have to ask for permission to do something, you have lost the right to do it.

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If I had to guess, I would say that the person on the bicycle is usually hit by a car/truck. As far as accidents involving bicycles. Typically through no fault of their own. The person on the bike can then either identify themselves, or if dead/unconscious, they can be identified. A person on a bicycle, is just a pedestrian, to me.

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There is no state that requires licensing of bicycles. That means there are no statistics that compile accident rates based on licensure.

And i have never seen a license that will prevent a car from hitting you.

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The cities where I live and work have free online registration.

They are used to return stolen bikes to their owners. Both cities sell lots of unclaimed bikes at auction, so it’s not a bad idea to have your name attached to the serial number.

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But motorcyles have licence plates. Cars do. A bicycle is not motorized and costs less. How does that lead to therefore no licence plates By the way they used to have them decades ago in different cities.

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@flo But why do you think there needs to be a license plate? License plates are primarily a way of taxing motor vehicle owners. Most governments do not believe in imposing a tax on bicycles.

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@zenvelo You posted your answer before I finished posting editing my last post.

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@flo Your edit doesn’t change my answer. Some cities had license programs, but that was mostly as a theft deterrent. But if one lived in the next town over, one could still ride a bike into the town that had license programs. And they were not compulsory programs,

You still have not explained why a license on a bike would have any effect on accident rates.

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It’s possible to use a motor vehicle as a weapon, while it’s not possible to do so with a bicycle. That also might be a reason for licensing cars over bikes.

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People (pedistrains and drivers) getting are injured and killed by cyclists,

“They involved several collisions in which pedestrians were killed and the cyclists were subsequently prosecuted for reckless behaviour.”

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@flo How many bicyclists per capita, are killed or injured in traffic, in a year, wherever they have no licence plates?

The per capita death rate of American bicyclists in 2015 was 0.00000255

us population 2015: 320.9 million

The pushbike song

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@Pinguidchance Thanks, whether or not there are sites that say different.
The thing is who is causing the accidents? Drivers would say cyclists, and cyclists would say drivers.

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