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What is the worst part of your job?

Asked by trumi (6486points) August 13th, 2008

I suspect that stay-at-home parents are probably going to have the best answers…

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Mine is cleaning toilets.

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When i worked at applebees it was singing happy birthday. It sucks. i dont see the point of it. I dont want to sing it, and i know they dont want to hear it. Whats the point?


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Telling a parent that their child has permanent hearing loss. There was even the time that telling the parent that their child didn’t have hearing loss was bad news, because they were in denial that he had was very autistic. :(

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The rotten hours.

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Not having one. Why wouldnt anyone hire a perfectly capable (well maybe not perfect) teenage boy?!

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12 hour shifts, night work and it’s boring which makes for a looooong 12 hours. There are upsides though.

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Devistated people bawling their eyes out.

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3 hours of commuting every day

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@sndfreQ: Geez, that is brutal!

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being head over heels for the girl I work with..

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That have not found it yet.

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Doing all that I can to help someone, and then having that person take it all for granted.

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The part when I go home is the only good part.

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I’m with Indy318 and Bri_L. Someone hire me, please! :(

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Anytime I have to use a shovel for more than five minutes. Cutting hardiboard, concrete, or masonry with a saw always sucks because its loud as hell and it puts off a massive amount of dust that gets everywhere. If you dont have a dust mask its even worse.

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Inventory and the “Month End” reports…

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I am a groomer and expressing anal glands is horrible. Horrible!!! I love the rest of my job though.

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@lady; Gross! My couch always smells like tuna fish when my dog needs “expressing”. Sorry!

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The candy! I eat too much of it, and it makes me feel sick.

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Suicide threats. When my boss gets stressed out and takes it out on everyone else. Not knowing how to disagree with my coworkers gracefully. Being unable to help people in unbearable pain.
Knowing that Friday is my last day and I am almost out of chances to make a difference.

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Having been a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, I can tell you what I told my husband when our children were infants, “No matter how bad your day was, whatever terrible things you had to do today could be done without a crying child hanging onto your leg, without puke on your shoulder, and without going to the bathroom with 1 child sitting on your lap, while another cries outside the bathroom door. So I WIN.”

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the deadlines, the long hours, the responsibilities, having to fix the problems, put fires out, oh the stress.

But oh I still love it.

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There’s nothing about what I do that I dislike, but I’m a Civil Service employee, which makes me subject to a weird process called “bumping”. If any employee with seniority who has the same job classification as I do (and that’s quite a few) gets laid off, then he automatically gets the job of the next person down in the food chain, even if he has no qualifications or aptitude for that particular job. Then the guy who just got bumped bumps the next guy down the chain, and so forth. I understand the intent of the process, but it’s extremely disruptive to many people.

I’ve been there for awhile now, so I’m in less danger of this than I used to be, but it’s still a possibility.

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@ladytmerie :: What is expressing anal glands? Part of me is saying to myself “don’t google that.”

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@johnpowell – - Well, here goes: Every dog (or cat) has two anal glands or sacs (1 gland on each side of the anus). These glands are occasionally referred to as “scent glands”, because they enable the dog to mark its territory and to identify each other. Owners like these expressed because they smell bad and many dogs like to “scoot” across the furniture or carpet to express the excess. They can get very full and painful if not done often enough, especially on smaller or older dogs.

Sounds like loads of fun doesn’t it?!

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“loads”yuck! But explains a lot thx

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oh, my. Yeah, I’m glad I didn’t google that. Probably would have stumbled on pictures. Thank you for making that tolerable.

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all those non sense questions I get on the phone :)

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We got a doctor among us :)

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Two jobs..
Worst part of one is pretty bad burns from 600° iron.
Worst part of the second is listening to people describe their intense poverty and tell them that there’s nothing I can do to help.

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Having to wake up at 5 a.m.

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@lefteh – you have peaked my curiousity

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You mean I piqued it? ;)

One job is at a pizza place, and the other is an assistant to a Franklin County commissioner.

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That unless I seek it out, I have no human contact. So I do seek it out.

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@ lefteh – No way! Is it really piqued? I have been goofing that up my whole life! Thanks dude!

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Yep! No problem.

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The worst part of my job is when inmates try to kill me. The second worst part is strip searching hookers in on drug charges. Their ‘rotten crotch’ smell ranks right up there with expressing anal glands. Yuck.

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Oof, that would be enough to make me quit.

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Oh no, no, no.

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I am at a loss.

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I think Divalicious wins this competition.

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jesus Divalicious i hope you get paid good to do that, because there is no way in hell you’d catch me doing that job.

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Gee, is that a dubious honor or what? At least I’ve lost my sense of smell after 3 years And it gets worse. I was attacked twice in 4 months. One left me with headaches, the second contributed to my heart attack 4 days later. Yep, I’m lovin’ MY job.

I’ve been looking for another job, but there’s not much out there. Way too many unemployed around here thanks to GM and Chrysler lay-offs.

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Worrying that my kid, no matter how old, will be okay and happy. The best and the worst part of my primary job.

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