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Would you rather have Chinese takeout, or Mexican takeout?

Asked by Kardamom (29717points) October 17th, 2017 from iPhone

Or is there some other type of food you prefer to get as takeout?

I love Chinese food, but there is no decent vegetarian options for takeout nearby. I also love Mexican food, and I get Mexican takeout all the time, but I rarely get Chinese.

This Q is about takeout. If I am going out to eat, which is much less often, I am slightly more likely to go for Mexican, but there are lots of yummy Chinese restaurants, that are specifically vegetarian Chinese restaurants, within 20 miles of my house, so if I’m going out to eat, there are a lot more options.

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@rojo what do you like to order? Are there a lot of good Tex-Mex places to get takeout near you, or do you have to make a trek?

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I live in Texas, the State is full of good stuff.
But actually, I love the stacked green chile enchiladas that come from the New Mexico way. More common in West Texas than where we live so we travel out west when we can.

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I can’t do takeout. I have to depend on delivery. If that counts, I wish for terriyaki, but from a Japanese restaurant. Some Chinese places offer terriyaki, but they don’t do it right.

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Chinese. Not really a choice.

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I like Chinese take-out. If I’m doing Mexican I usually order that at the table.

However, I like Greek a lot, too. Gyros and tzatziki to go, with a side of hummus.

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Of the two that you mention, it depends on my mood. I am more likely to order Chinese as takeout and make Mexican at home or eat it in a restaurant.

But my favorite kind of takeout is Indian.

Oo, just saw CWOTUS’ post. I also love Greek takeout.

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Chinese for me.

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Mexican, Mexican, Mexican. I live in Asia so everywhere I go I can easily find Chinese takeout. We don’t have a lot of Mexican eatery here.

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I go by the price, but I usually prefer Mexican.

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I much prefer Chinese food, for Mexican food is too spicy. Some types of Chinese food are spicy, but some types are not.

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