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Does anybody know what is going on with Spectrum and Viacom?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5493points) October 18th, 2017

If any of you use Spectrum cable service, what is the reason behind their feud with Viacom?

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I saw a blurb on my television the other day, asking viewers to petition Spectrum about trying to drop so many premium channels, it has something to do with Viacom. Anybody know what that is all about? If they drop that many channels, I might as well drop them, I will be pretty much down to just basic cable.

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They have a contract disagreement. Spectrum “tiered” the Viacom channels to a higher pricing which gives Spectrum subscribers a chance to drop Viacom channels to save money. Viacom says they can’t do that.

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I hope Viacom is right, if Spectrum drops those channels I wont have much of shit left. Thanks…

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Money. Viacom wants to charge more for its channels. Spectrum things they are being robbed and paying too much.

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