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What do you think of colour assigning based on gender?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5439points) October 18th, 2017

The mentality of blue for boys and pink for girls

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I think it is out of date, and really not that followed, even for baby showers and nursery decoration.

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It’s something I don’t see a reason for, and thought I was doing a good job of not teaching it with my little ones, but my 5-year-old recently organized her markers into a girl’s cup and a boy’s cup based on whether they’re “girl colors” or “boy colors”.

I took her to my closet and showed her papa’s shirts of all kinds of colors, and took her to her closet where she has all kinds of colors for everything.

So she patiently explained to me that some colors are boy colors and some are girl colors. Boys can wear girl colors and girls can wear boy colors, but that doesn’t change anything. Some colors are just better for girls and she likes most of those colors, but I can use them if I want to.

I mean, I guess that’s accurate in a 5-year-old type of way. The whole palette is open for anyone, but some colors will still be recognized as traditionally male or female.

I’ll accept that for now, but I hope she’ll explain it to me more completely when I get older.~

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It is completely arbitrary and useless.
Did you know that just 100 years ago, it was completely reversed?

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I think that it is outdated.

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I was pondering something very similar earlier. Pink seems synonymous with females, because vaginas are pink (at least on the inside, regardless of race.) Yes. Oversimplification, or maybe not…

Maybe that’s why pink is such a feminine color . And blue was a sort of opposite color. Pink is a warm color too. It could represent a woman’s natural ability to nurture.

Why blue is a representation of masculinity, is beyond me…
Perhaps because blue is so different from pink. And blue is a cold color. Hard. Uncaring.

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It is an outdated concept and yet almost impossible to avoid. There are pink aisles and blue aisles in toy and children’s clothing stores. You have to work really hard to raise your children or grandchildren with gender neutral ideas. And unfortunately, the parents may not be as committed to it as the grandmother is (who thinks everyone should always be dressed in black and white)!

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A useful abstraction. Not unlike the male and female bathroom symbols.
Or referring to states as red or blue depending on their political leanings

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Still common where I’m from. I have no problem with it, not sure why anyone would.

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We order Carstairs to change his classic butler suit to pink every bank holiday, I say order but in truth he’d be happy with that being a permanent arrangement…bless.

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Pink/girls and blue/boys was created by the fashion industry. Blame them. Dress your kids however you want.

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Awesome I’m gonna wear a pink tie to my cousins wedding

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