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How do you "send" a comment on Facebook?

Asked by Yellowdog (5879points) October 22nd, 2017

This will sound pretty dumb and basic to most of you, but its been a while since I’ve used Facebook—maybe two years.

I’ve written a response to my sister but see no way to send it. I can save it, I can add emos and shit, but everything that I can push just says that I have not “finished” my comment. How could Facebook have become so complicated that a tyro like myself cannot do anything as basic as finding a ‘send’ button? I have Windows 10 if that matters.

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Did you push “post” (directly to the right of the comment bar.)

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No such “post” option exists there. I’ve virtually clicked all over the screen just in case something is hidden. I may be a moron but this is not me.

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Soon, my comment won’t be very timely. Needed NOW.

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On mobile (phone app), there’s a blue arrow icon on the right of the text box; push that.
On pc you type in the text box and hit Enter (on your keyboard).

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Thanks, Rebbel—the enter key worked—

Ironically it was the first thing I tried—only seemed to make paragraph space the first time. Thanks again.

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@Yellowdog You’re welcome.

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Sometimes Facebook gets wonky in that way. I post there daily, mulitple times per day, and it “almost never” happens… but it does happen.

If you can save the text of the comment in a quick Notepad file (less volatile than the Clipboard, but the same idea), just close out of Facebook and re-open. It will probably work fine after that, and you can grab the text of the comment from the Notebook file. If it’s a more severe problem that requires rebooting, then of course you should save that Notebook file to desktop for quick retrieval after the reboot.

The technical explanation for what is going on, I do not know. Cache problem? Memory glitch? Focus error? I don’t know. I only know how to close-and-reopen, and things will be fine.

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