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Accumulating boxes & plastic: what can I do?

Asked by Yeahright (3865points) October 22nd, 2017

I can’t throw boxes or plastic away, and it is getting out of hand.

I take recycling very seriously and I am concerned about the amount of waste I generate. As a result, I keep a lot of plastic, boxes and plastic bags.

I have practically every box of all electronic devices I own. I keep all ham and spread cheese containers, etc. When shopping for groceries, I use my own shopping bags, but they still put a lot of stuff in plastic bags to prevent leaking, etc. so I also keep someof those.

I have a storage system in place and reuse as much as I can, but things are getting out of control as I can’t reuse all that is brought in.

I need your opinion and suggestions as to how to overcome this and free much needed space in my kitchen and living room.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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Throw away flimsy plastic, like bags and Styrofoam.
Break down boxes and recycle. Recycle other stiff, heavy plastics.
Contact your local Boy Scouts: they may be able to help.

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Check with your Recycle center .
Here we have several categories that we can recycle and deposit in their bins .
Volunteer with the Recycle center as its one of your passions already and it will help you feel that you are contributing to something larger in life that matters in the long run to sustain our Planet in a healthy way.

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Maybe I need to clarify that the items are just small items such as plastic containers from ham and cheese, and take out Chinese food, etc.
The boxes are from electronics like TV pc speakers etc. That I feel I would need when I move.
Most of the items are not large, except the TV box and the like.
My feeling is what if I need it and how can I reuse this or that.

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You need help. It’s OK to get rid of the stuff you don’t need. If you want to recycle everything, do. If not put it all in the dumpster and clean your house.

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Realize that you don’t need it, but rather its more convenient to repack in the same container it came in.
So therefore if saving these containers cause so much stress then get rid of them as in the future you could always pack it in a bag ( cloth) that can be folded and uses less space to store.
Hmmmm there you go..a new idea to pack items in a healthy and efficient one yourself and offer it for sale to the Recycle centers?

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Does your garbage collection service have recycling? Obviously, if they do you can put some of the items in there.
If the electronics items are beyond their warranty date,. cut out the rectangle that holds the model and serial numbers and burn the rest in your wood burning stove or use it for firestarter in your fireplace. 20 pounds of cardboard has the same heat value as a gallon of oil – worth about $2.50.
Save a couple of good containers. – but not all..

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I have an affinity for collecting that kind of stuff too. It felt like such an awful waste throwing them in the land fill. Recycling was SUCH a relief. It’s also cut my actual trash by half.

BTW, you CAN recycle the white foam containers. You can’t recycle actual Styrofoam, which is trademarked, although they look like the same thing. Styrofoam is a particular kind of closed-cell extruded polystyrene foam, but it isn’t the same thing they use for meats, etc. at the grocery store.

Flimsy bags: I have a large, large plastic bag from Goodwill. I stuff all my flimsy plastic bags in there, and when it’s full I empty it out at Wamart. They have a place for them right in front of the entrance at the Walmart here.

Boxes: break them down and recycle.

Also, empty, clean glass jars.

I have a tall trash container next to my trash, and I put all my recycle stuff in there. When it’s full I take it out to the recycle bin, which I set out usually every 2 weeks for pick up.

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Use the boxes to fill them with all the small plastic objects and three quarters of all your plastic bags (keep a dozen of them or so, for groceries).
Toss the stuffed boxes (rid them to the appropriate place, you know better than I where that is in your location).
You can keep one or two boxes.
You’ll notice that, once you have ditched most of it, that you’ll feel lighter.
Your electronics and stuff will get moved in appropriate ways once the time is there; you’ll find something to use, comes time.
The major thing about this throwing is to make a clear decision: I’m in control of my situation,the stuff needs to go!
I did this myself some years ago, was well worth it.
Clears the mind too!
Believe me.
Do it!

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Well, the boxes and the plastic bags are two different things, that can’t be recycled in the same way, or at the same place, at least not here @rebbel.

I agree, though. It is very liberating.

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Lots of thrift stores, though not all, rely on donated shopping bags for purchases made there. You might call around, and see if a thrift store near you needs plastic bags.
Recycling is handled differently by various companies. Call the garbage collector which serves you, and ask their policy regarding recyclables.

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