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What are Thanksgiving colors?

Asked by johnpowell (17881points) October 23rd, 2017

I just spent my day knees deep in Photoshop and Sublime Text making a Halloween theme for my site. This was fairly simple..

And I would like to do something similar for Thanksgiving. I am having a hard time coming up with colors related to Thanksgiving.

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Rust, Red, Amber, Orange, Yellow/Green

“Like this”:–101161179?esource=SEO_GIS_CDN_Redirect

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In my experience, Thanksgiving themes consist mostly of browns, oranges, and yellows with bits of dark red and green. Sometimes I also see a bit of off-white (e.g., vanilla or cream).

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Orange, yellow, and brown. If you only want two colors I’d say orange and brown.

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“Turkey-skin” Gold ;>)

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The colors of autumn leaves work: reds, golds or yellow, orange, brown.

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Thanks folks… The creative juices are flowing. Thinking of using this as a base for a color pallette.

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AAHHH – - – - Turkey Gold thanks ! ! ! ;>)

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