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What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving?

Asked by ccrash3 (375points) November 2nd, 2008

I can taste the stuffing now….yum

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gotta have that cranberry sauce!

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Mashed potatoes….(homer drool)

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I love cranberry sauce too! We usually have sauerkraut as well. I think it’s a Pennsylvania thing. When I was a kid I hated it, but now, I look forward to it.

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wrestlemaniac3….smooth or with lumps?

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Sweet potato casserole with candied pecans on top…No wait, corn pudding…no wait, Fluff (aka 5 cup salad) No wait…mashed potatoes and gravy…No wait…the perfect sandwich the next day: Sliced turkey with cranberries and mayo on white bread.

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smooth…....with gravy.

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Does anyone remember the leftover sandwich that Monica would make Ross after Thanksgiving on Friends? It had a layer of stuffing with gravy I think in the center. Ross called it the “moist maker”. Someone at his work ripped off the sandwich and he was pissed off. Funny episode (I’m such a nerd).

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Stuffing. Lots of stuffing. And none of that vegetarian stuffing. Once a year I demand my food dripping with the juice of a dead animal!

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my mom always baked extra stuffing in loaves so we could have stuffing sandwiches. She and my sister loved it. White bread, yellow mustard. Our family stuffing recipe is pretty good; it’s mostly pork sausage and and homemade cornbread.

I’m toying with the idea of White Castle Stuffing. Nothing says family like a sack of sliders!

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The stuffing is so freakin good! I make a few casserole dishes full, baste them with the drippings from the turkey and the top get nice and brown and crunchy…Ummmmmmm

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Oh man, too many yummy dishes to choose from. But if I must:
My wife’s cornbread stuffing
Butternut or Buttercup Squash
Fresh, roasted turkey (dark meat please)

Truth is, the farm I work at is sampling this stuff right now as we type. Mmmmm…I’ll be right back (runs from office)

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Creamed onions! OMG! Talk about heaven! I never know whether to eat them right away when they are hot, or to wait until later, and spread out the savoring of that incredible dish.

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honey baked ham, mashed potatoes with gravy and stuffing!!!! YUMMO!!!

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I’m visualizing saliva dripping on the keyboards….

Last year I basted the turkey with a mixture of white wine, butter and herbs. The gravy came out so incredible!

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@Daloon, creamed onions sound really wonderful.

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Me getting…..hungry, you won’t like me when I’m hungry.

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Alfreda….That is hysterical! Please let us know if you try that! I don’t have a White Castle near me, but it would be interesting to know if people actually make their stuffing that way! Thanks for the link…..

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Quick wrestle…eat!

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Me eating(getting angrier) FOOOOOD…..done(back to normal) what happened, anything?

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As a transplant to the South- the stuffing they make around here, silverqueen white sweet corn, fried cornbread, squash casserole, and the dark fried turkey. But the best thing above all-dessert!! homemade chocolate cake and a pecan pie that melts in your mouth!

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my Aunt’s rolls

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well tell her to roll on down here, I’m hungry.

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but this year I won’t be hosting. :(

I typically do two turkeys – one oven roasted with a sherry/sage butter baste, the other maple-brined and hickory smoked on the Weber.

But my favorite is my Finnish cranberry sauce – fresh cranberries, maple syrup, orange juice, orange zest, and cardamom cooked down to a thick, chunky, jellyish sauce.

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okay let’s move on to Christmas!!

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TURKEY, sweet potatoes with marshmellos baked on top, pumpkin pie, stuffing, AND mashed potatoes!!! OH, AND DON’T FORGET ABOUT ALL THAT GREAT RED WINE!!;-)

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candied yams, cauliflower with melted cheese and bread crumbs, greens, chitlins with hot sauce, sweet potato pie.

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boston cream pie

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Pumpkin Mousse—this is really easy—mix a can of pumpkin pie filling (not canned pumpkin, but the pie filling with the sugar and spices and everything nices) with a small carton of cool whip. Refrigerate for an hour or so. Serve with Pepperidge Farm gingerbread cookies. Growl and snarl at anyone who insists you share.

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I like the idea of the Pumpkin Mousse. Do you just spoon it in to little dishes after it’s refrigerated Alfreda?

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Yes, or you can put it into dishes and refrigerate it that way. I have little footed sherbet dishes that I use, or the old kind of champagne glasses—not the flutes, but the flat kinds.

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wrestlemaniac has the right idea!

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Stuffing, preferably the way my mom made it. Although my MIL does a good one, too. And crispy turkey skin – just a little bit of it. And of course, pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream… droooooolll

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collard greens and dressing with hot sauce. .

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I love just about everything served on Thanksgiving! If I could have only one dish it’d probably be stuffing with gravy…wait, I need to have pecan pie, too.

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Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the traditional Thanksgiving food. I have my own tradition going… (This will only be the 2nd year in the making, but I plan on keeping it going.) I have a Thanksgiving breakfast… I love breakfast food so I go crazy and make lots and lots of breakfast food. Belgian waffles with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream! Scrambled eggs with cheese! Bacon, sausage, and whatever else I can get! Mmmm… But I guess to answer your question I like the rolls. :) And for dessert I like all the yummy pies.

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Dressing and the mashed potatoes with turkey gravy. And pumpkin pie. And yeast rolls. And… :)

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Dressing of course! I also have to make the butternut squash with the garlic cream, and Parmesan cheese.

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Mmm, I cannot get enough Mongolian beef, chicken chow mein, rice, mu-shu pork; as long as there’s plenty of Kikkoman soy sauce and Sriracha to go around! Ah, memories…

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I have to say, my mom’s potato salad. x]

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@sillymichelleyoung, I love good potato salad.

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@hammer43, me too ^_^

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My dad makes this stuffing with pepper ham sauteed in and it is phenomenal!!!

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Ooooh, that sounds good!

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Haha it is!

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Leftovers. burp
Nice while it lasted.

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Fried mushrooms and and stuffed artichokes

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Vegetarian nut loaf with miso gravy…..yum. :)

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Sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top.
I also love cranberry-anything
I adore pecan pie and enjoy pumpkin pie during the holidays.

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Stuffing made with cornbread, celery and onions slathered with blood I mean turkey gravy.

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Oyster dressing.

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