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Who here likes building stuff with wood. Like sheds or doors?

Asked by Zachary_Mendes123 (1237points) October 25th, 2017

Today I started taking a wood working class in college. So far I like it. I’ve always wanted to build something with wood. Now here’s my chance

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i took a class at Evening College in 1999 with my wife. We each made a colonial style blanket chest. It looked something like this one .

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Start working on a bassinet: now.

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I’ve made shelving and work tables, not anything pretty. I have a half finished computer case that does look nice. I’ll finish it up this winter.

I built a gate last year. Our back gate to the alley broke. It was about -10 F outside and I had to lay it out, cut the pieces, and screw it together on the icy road. Very satisfying once I got inside to the warmth.

I repaired some windows on our porch, starting from scratch with 2×4s. Again, rough work, not good enough for inside. But good enough for painted work on the exterior.

Sometimes I make picture frames when I give personal photos as gifts.

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There’s a six-foot stack of pallets out behind my shed solely for that purpose. I probably won’t be able to get around to it until spring, but I’ll be repurposing them for patio furniture, planters and raised-bed gardening.

I also have woodworking tools, saws, routers with various bits, drill press, various hand chisels. I’ve got some projects lined up for next spring and beyond.

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