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Do those of you who live in areas where it snows think it’s odd or funny to see “fake” snow Christmas decorations?

Asked by Kardamom (29731points) November 16th, 2017 from iPhone

I’m from Califonia. It doesn’t snow where I live. Everybody puts up lots of indoor and outdoor decorations that might involve various incarnations of fake snow, or snowmen, and the like.

I love it all from the lovely to the slightly tacky. It’s not uncommon to see a blowup snowman next to a vintage plastic lighted nativity scene, with blinking snowflakes hanging from the palm trees.

This isn’t a question about whether you like Christmas decorations, I realize that some people don’t. This question is for you folks, who appreciate Christmas decorations, but live in areas where it actually snows.

Does the fake snow, and the like, seem funny or odd to you? Or is it just so common place that it never occurred to you?

Back on the old days, it at least used to get cold here in winter, and rain at regular intervals, now it’s mostly warm or hot, and rain is as rare as a two dollar bill. I love the fake snow decorations, because at least it gives a festive “wintery” look, and the illusion of coolness that seems like Christmas, even if it’s 90 degrees.

Feel free to weigh in, too, if you live in a warm place like Las Vegas or Hawaii, and how you feel about fake snow Christmas decorations.

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When I lived in California, and then Nevada it felt out of place to me.
Now that I have snow where I live, it just seems like extending the outdoors indoors. I laugh though, at those people who hang “icecicle” lights on their house, and they get frozen inside of enormous real ice spikes. Lol

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Even places that get snow in the winter often don’t have snow in December, or not the whole month anyway. They use fake snow and ice decorations too. I grew up in the DC suburbs and we get snow every year there, the area definitely experiences all four seasons, but I think the area probably has a white Christmas every ten years or so.

The snowiest months are January and February in many states.

I live in Florida, but grew up in DC and NY and went to school in MI, and I think it’s cute to see the blow up snowmen here.

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I’m from Wisconsin, and I don’t see a lot of fake snow decorations where I live. I see it in houses but not outside. There isn’t any snow on the ground right now although I heard that Milwaukee already got snow.
I think those decorations are really cute, and that it’s creative if they hang fake snowflakes from trees and such. They should feel lucky they don’t have to deal with actual snow though. It’s a burden after the first 2 seconds of a snowfall

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At first the fake snow was too commercially made and looked fake. But now artificial trees are made with snow on them permanently and look very realistic. Of course these trees are expensive as a result.
Some look beautiful! Usually we see these fantastic realistic trees in Hotel lobbies etc as only they can afford these.

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I have lived in both environments. When I lived in Florida, it was hard to get into the Christmas feeling because it was 80 degrees every day.

It snows where I live now, but not on command for Christmas so fate snow is prevalent here. I don’t mind it.

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Nope. Not odd or funny at all. But then, I am intelligent enough to understand the cultural context of all that.

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I lived in a temperate zone as a kid, now I’m subtropical.

Fake winter is way better than the Jimmy Buffet Christmas decorations with a sunglasses-wearing Santa in fur-lined swimming trunks.

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Sorry, that was supposed to be fake not fate!

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