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Where would I find an exercise ball (gym ball, Swiss ball, yoga ball, stability ball) COVER in the Bay Area?

Asked by zina (1650points) August 24th, 2008

I know they exist, and I’ve found a place that sells them online based in England (Furriballs). Where might I find this locally?

Any sports stores that particularly have at-home exercise equipment, dance/pilates/yoga -type stuff, maybe family-oriented and have things for kids/teens…. ?

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Why do you need a cover for it?

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sports basement?

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I am looking for one, too. Have found only in England and Australia.

Why cover it? To get a little more air between my skin and the rubber surface. I use mine as a seat in my home office, and after awhile perspiration gets the best of me (and the seat of my pants!)

I am wondering if perhaps there aren’t liability concerns here in the US—like as if the cover doesn’t conform firmly to the ball, it could make it more dangerous. I may resort to making my own, or stuffing a piece of foam or polyfill inside of some very loose-fitting pants. Oh, won’t that look lovely! Luckily it is a home office :-)

Maybe there are some beanbag chairs (sans beans) that would fit as a ball cover…

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oooooo – great idea on using a bean bag chair cover…. i’ve been daunted by the idea of making my own, trying to think of things that are close. i bet that would work!

but out of curiosity, what are the far-away ones you found?

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