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Where can I search for cosmetics through its ingredients?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (199points) November 19th, 2017

Is there a site where I can search for a cleanser or any product by removing or adding ingredients?

Like for example, If I wanted a product with or without certain ingredients because frankly, those products that claim to be for sensitive skin or approved by a skin doctor are filled with harsh ingredients such as sulphates, alcohol, hydroxide etc.

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You might try a google search separating each ingredient within quotations like this:

“ingredient 1” “ingredient 2” “ingredient 3”

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To exclude ingredients, add a minus sign before the ingredient like this:

“ingredient 1” “ingredient 2” -“unwanted ingredient 1” -“unwanted ingredient 2” etc

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I don’t think so. Product descriptions on Amazon usually list ingredients and if not you can ask the seller.

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Thank you, I try the following advice. BTW, is DIY skincare such green tea facial mist good as store brought or is it too good to be true?

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It depends on what you’re trying to do.

I am a soapmaker by trade, and for my own use, I also make lotions and balms and such.

As a matter of course, I look at items on-shelf to see what is on-trend. Oftentimes (especially with the “all natural” craze going around, store-bought products are made with the same ingredients I use in my cottage products.

The issue is usually one of preparation and proportion. Sure, you can read on a label that the facial scrub you like is made with X oils and Y essential oils and Z other ingredients, but do you know how it was prepared, how much of which to use, and what a safe usage rate is?

You can often Google for DIY recipes, but those are often made up wholesale by “Mommy Bloggers” who are mostly guessing, and those recipes can often be dangerous when used over time. I saw one today, for instance, for a lotion bar that included lemon verbena essential oil. That oil is phototoxic – If you put it on in the morning then expose your skin to sunlight it will literally burn you.

So, y’know. Be careful.

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If looking for ingredients is no longer a great determiner of what is low and high quality then how is anyone supposed to know because no site is going to explain how the said product was made along with the amount of each ingrediants.

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The amount used of an ingredient isn’t going to tell you whether a product is higher or lower quality, anyway, and it certainly isn’t going to say whether it’s going to work for your skin type.

Do like the rest of us do – buy what looks interesting and try it out. See what works for you.

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If I were going to search for something, I would Google something like “Household Cleanser without Ammonia” or something like that.

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Sorry but wouldn’t be better to look at the ingredients of skincare product to try and gauge what is bad and what is good for your skin?

It would be a lot better then buying a product through blind eyes, yes? It certainly would save more money unless you go for free samples but a lot of companies are too tight for experiments.

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