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Is it bad for a 28-year-old female to have 9% body fat?

Asked by Friendofeveryone (80points) November 19th, 2017

I watch this athletic competition in Japan, and this one woman… her name is Kana Watanabe. She has only 9% body fat. Is it unhealthy for her to be THAT muscular?

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That’s pretty close to what mine was, early and mid twenties.
Why would you think it might be unhealty?
My bp was 80 over sixty.
My energy was top notch.
I could fling around my own weight one handed.

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I mean I guess it probably depends on each individual person. Anything under 18 is considered underweight. The fact that she is muscular and not just simply “underweight” makes me think that she could be healthy, but women are naturally supposed to have a little more fat. At her weight she probably doesn’t get her period and probably has other hormonal problems.

I would say unhealthy but I’m not a doctor so who’s knows haha

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There is one effect of low body fat in women: cessation of menses. I had a friend whose bday fat was approaching 8% while she was training for a triathlon, and her period stopped.

Amenorrhea can result in a number of other complications. As long as she is eating a healthy diet and getting sufficient fats in her diet, she should be okay, but should still be checked by her doctor.

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Some people are doing a little more with their body than most of us. Judo, MMA, Spartan races… I think she’s going to be ok.

She looks purpose built, not overly low in body fat. I only mention it because I’m not sure where the 9% number came from, she looks strong and fit, not “shredded” like a figure competitor or body builder.

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Having a low body fat never stopped my periods. I was regular as Big Ben.
It was the healthiest I ever felt.

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10% body fat would mean one would be between 105 and 110 pounds and about 5 foot 10 inches which is a BMI of 16 to 17. 18 BMI is considered underweight.

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@Tropical_Willie – I’m not sure how that was figured, but people vary widely in how much muscle they carry, which of course has weight as well. So there’s no way to figure height, weight, or BMI from body fat percentage.

You can be 5’10” 150 pounds with 10% body fat or 5’10” 250 pounds with 10% body fat.

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Not at all. Why would it be unhealthy? My body fat still isn’t very high. Never has been. My BMI says it’s perfect.

I was at 100 -110 when I was in High School. I’m 5’8”. I didn’t consider myself underweight. I was in spectacular condition.

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Thanks for the pics @funkdaddy. She looks to be in spectacular shape!

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@Dutchess_III – yeah, we know you were a hot babe back in the day.

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Well, lord, look what one of my HS friends dug up and posted on facebook! This picture looks exactly like my oldest daughter! It was a little confusing for a second! I guess I was 16.

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Guess it’s time for show and tell.

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Your link doesn’t work for me, @Dutchess_III.

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Never mind, got it.
You’re almost out of TP. :-P

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LOL! I was getting ready to go out and party!

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