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Has anyone else seen these videos on Facebook and did they surprise you?

Asked by Aster (18806points) November 19th, 2017

I have been seeing videos with large, white turkeys? running up to people for a long hug. Blows my mind. Has anyone else seen these and do you think most turkeys need human affection?

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I have a friend who raises a good number of turkeys on his farm.

He says often that turkeys are birds that have not forgotten they are dinosaurs, and he is legitimately afraid that someday he will trip over his feet in the turkey pen and his wife will have to collect his freshly-picked bones afterward.

I imagine some turkeys that have been hand-fed from hatchlings might be trained to give hugs, but that is not their default state, no.

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I tried raising turkeys once. I am firmly convinced the domestic turkey is about the dumbest animal alive. The ones on the videos might be trained that way so they can get food. But trying to train a domestic turkey seems like a losing endeavor, or at least one for someone with infinite patience.

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