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What is it with you?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) August 14th, 2008

are you in a great relationship or living with a monster? what does he/she do now (or in the past) that makes you swoon or cringe?

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I’m in a great relationship at the moment. Most recently, he brought me flowers on Monday, came to my dance recital on Tuesday (he’s been to all of them), and when I went to his house last night, he’d made me a lunch for today. Makes me swoon.

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I am in a great relationship. My husband thinks the world of me, still after 18 years tells me I’m hot and thinks I am really smart. We complete each other. The things I’m not so good at he is REALLY good at and I am good at the things where he is weak.
Yes, he sometimes makes me cringe, but it’s only because I’ve heard his stories a million times and the person he’s telling has maybe only heard it two or three times :-)
Everyone loves him though, he’s kind of a combination of the Fonz and Macgyver (You have to have grown up in the 70’s to really understand that.) I think we are both really blessed because we recognize in each other the qualities that add to our own life.

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Probably the most annoying thing is leaving the bathroom floor/rug super-wet after taking a shower; I’m not quite sure how he gets so much water on to the floor. :-P But that’s probably the worst thing, so not bad at all.
I’m not quite sure what i do that bugs him; probably worry too much about silly things.

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for the first time in my life I found someone who really “worths the shot”

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I’m still in a great relationship after 3 years.

Her indifference makes me cringe. Granted I’m filled with the same indifference so I’m sure it’s the same to her.

Almost anything she does can make me swoon.

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I’m in a great relationship but at times He can be a pain. Last night and this morning he has bitched at me for a bunch of BS. He is going through something and always puts it out on me and it sometimes turns into an argument. That does not happen alot usually he will always encourage me to go for my dreams no matter what they are and that is the best thing about him.

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My hubby makes me swoon almost daily. He cherishes me. I’ve never felt that before.

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Past relationship we moved in together and you get to see all the bad habits.

Hence, why I’m single now and not married to her.

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I’m in a great relationship with a beautiful, caring and understanding fellow flutherer, sccrowell. However, she is extremely argumentative on just about every subject. She must have been president of her high school debate club, or some such nonsense. After nearly four years, she is finally starting to back down when she tries to argue with me. She has finally realized that I have an excellent memory, am very well-read and am never wrong. Well, OK, rarely wrong.

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August 27 will be our 25th wedding anniversary. He always gets my jokes and references. He is brilliant and emotionally steady. We are very compatible in travel and love.

That said, anyone can make you cringe sometimes. On the rare occasions he gets angry, he has no sense of time or place. This has sometimes ruined an outing.

I’m sure I make him cringe sometimes too.

He makes me swoon when he sings in my ear while we are dancing.

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My wife and I have been together for 7 years, and we are still happy and in love. We are one of the couples who do pretty much everything together. She still writes me love notes and brings me gifts, and I still rub her back every night.

We never fight, but we do disagree. We have learned to accept the little quirks each other posses; I accept the fact that she is Ms. Last Minute and leaves her stuff everywhere, and she accepts that I must put all the shit she leaves lying around in her shit box.

I love her!

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you sound like my husband and I. I’m the messy and he’s the neatnick.

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Great Relationship.
He can be too critical and it gets him in to trouble. I can be too forgiving and it gets me in to trouble. We even each other out. He reminds me to be more “J” (myers-briggs: Judgemental) and I remind him to be more “P” (myers-briggs: Perceptive).

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Marina—I’m with you. Coming up on 25 years together next year and we are happier than we’ve ever been. We grew up a lot together and enjoy each other.
I want to choke him some times and I’m sure the feeling is mutual occasionally.
But, when he says I’m beautiful or just does something becasue he knows I like it, I melt. He’s sweet and caring and kind and funny.

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@dorkgirl: wow, wish i could have it that easy with my wife. she can be a stubborn turtle at times.

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Charliecompany34—It’s not that I’m not stubborn (or my husband either), or that it’s been easy. I think it’s more that we’ve managed to find the joy of being together and appreciate each other a lot.
Sounds like a commercial or something, huh?

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We love talking at the end of the day about the stuff our son did. It gives me a chance to compliment her patience and great mothering skills and reflect on how fast they grow up. I love that time of day.

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I’m in a great relationship. It’s hard to count to reasons why she makes me as happy as she does, but I’ll try to enumerate: she’s creative, she makes new goals for herself, then has the self discipline to follow through with those plans, she’s organized, she’s responsible, she’s extremely beautiful, she’s patient, she’s open minded, she pushes me to do a better job than I would do otherwise, she’s funny, and she loves me too, even though I’m not as great as she is. I’m a better person with her than I’ve ever been before. I don’t know how I could have gotten this lucky.

Her only vice is that, when she gets upset, she works herself into a flurry. But that’s pretty cute too. And as far as vices go, that’s a terrific one.

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@Fiery: Sounds wonderful!

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currently, i’m with someone that, for years, i have pushed away because i was just to afraid i might get hurt again. i’m still find myself being hesitant, but i love him no matter what. and we’re working on our trust issues. there’s nothing about him that bugs me. (okay, maybe the way he dresses with his shirts ten times too big and his pants at his knees, but i’ll survive) he confuses me sometimes, and i have no clue where his passion come from, but i love it. he’s a sweetheart, and i’ve never been more happy in my life.

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I am so happy with what I have right now. IT hasn’t always been that way. The relationship I am in right now, started as a casual friends with benefits relationship. Almost three years of our secret relationship didn’t just build up a comfort between us, it gave us a chance to get to know each other. However, because it was just casual, he would seek the attention of other women. It was okay at first, but I started to get jealous, and it really hurt me. There were a few times where I was ready to throw in the towel, but instead I let him know how I felt about it. We agreed that dating wouldn’t be ideal since I wouldn’t be around, and we’d see each other every few months, and that would put a strain on sex.
I recently moved 500km away and the last month before I left, he made it quite obvious how much he was going to miss me. My last days home, he booked off and spent the entire time with me. He said he couldn’t help move me to my new place, but the last few hours before i left he begged me to stay, and i explained i couldnt. So he bailed on all his plans and came with me.
When he left and went back home, he called me several times a day, telling me he missed me, and that he was lonely. It took about three days for him to admit he only wants me, and he wants to be exclusive, even if it means no sex for months at a time. In a week of being away from him, he asked me if I was happy, and told me that he has never been happier in his life, and the last month we spent together made him feel alive, like never before, and that my leaving made it obvious to him that it was me that made him feel that way.
He told me he wanted to be with me, and that he is with me until the end, and there is nothing that will break us apart, even though the distance is a challenge.
The one thing he does that I love the most is calls me from bed, before he goes to sleep, because he loves to hear my voice. He says he doesn’t sleep right if we don’t talk before he goes to sleep, and I’ve come accustom to doing the same. So every time he calls I crawl into bed, and when we say goodbye I turn off the light and sleep soundly.

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@lacer: Sweet.

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I’m in a great relationship right now. It’s unlike any other relationship that I’ve ever been in because I never felt like I had to be anyone but myself to be with him. He’s always loved things about me I would try to hide from people I was with. In the past, I would ask open questions to whoever I was with and agree with them, and then mold my interests and personality to match what I thought they wanted. All my previous relationships thought I was their dream girl but it was exhausting to maintain the ruse, and unhealthy too. I guess it was because I was scared of rejection.

But the man I’m with now came into my life when I was wasn’t looking for him, and he genuinely loves me for who I am. We just trust each other, and I’ve never felt more like a partner than I do now. He makes me feel free and loved and happy all the time :)

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i hate the neighbrohood i live in, they never let me order or have anything

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I am in a non-relationship with a guy that I can’t figure out. When he looks me in the eyes and does sweet little things for me, I swoon. When he plays it cool and can’t have a serious discussion I cringe at my own feelings for him.

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i agree with veronasgirl. he’s so hot and cold its frustrating. especially since my affection never changes or rollercoasters from negative to positive. i love him and cant help it and because of that its a struggle daily to keep from smacking him for being ridiculous….dont know if that was what you were looking for…but i tried

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We’ve been married nearly 35 years now, and still going strong. I think I’m pretty close to being the luckiest lady on the planet.

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Great relationship. My wife of twenty years is just feminine enough to keep me happy and just masculine enough to be one of the guys. Not sure how else to put that, but she definitely isn’t one of those girly-girls that are just so damned annoying. I like a woman that isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, and likes hunting and fishing and eating hot peppers and other fun things.

I am thankful to have met her and will defend her against any and all comers. She calls me her Bull Dog because when people don’t see things her way, I step in and help them to understand her POV. She can do anything she puts her mind to, and I find that to be her best attribute.

She does have this irrational fear of spiders though, but I’m working on that. I gave up on trying to cure her fear of elevators.


I’m in a wonderful relationship with my s/o and with two little children whom I adore. :)

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