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If you find yourself at a McDonald's restaurant, what item or items on the menu are you most likely to order?

Asked by tabbycat (1811points) August 14th, 2008
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twin ice cream and french fries :)

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The only time I really ever go to McDonalds is to visit a friend of mine that’s a manager there.
And then I get a free chicken caesar salad and some sort of delicious mocha drink.

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I love their stupid little apple pies.

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If I find myself at McDonald’s, it’s because I’m on the road and there’s no other place to get a cup of coffee.

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2 Plain Hamburgers. It’s been about 2 years since I last had McDonald’s, but I don’t miss it.

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Double Cheeseburgers. Because I usually only have a dollar or two (on purpose).

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diet coke. I saw Supersize me. I avoid fast food.

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Made me hungry.

It was very sad.

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@trumi: Me too!! LMAO

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cheeseburger, small fries and a water. Believe it or not, it’s one of the “healthiest” fast food meals one can eat, if you don’t count Subway, etc. It’s also lower in fat than their salads, depending on the type of dressing you get.

I only eat there as a last resort, but that’s what I order.

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If you skip the cheese it would be even healthier :-)

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Yes, but I can barely stand the taste as it is.

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Yes, not worth the calories, I think I’ll starve. :-)

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To each his own.

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My husband and I lost a lot of weight about 3 years ago and have been struggling to keep it off. The other day we were out of town and decided to eat dinner at Applebees because it was convenient and I knew they had that weight watchers menu and thought it would be a healthy choice.
The service was really bad and the food was awful. I had an epiphany and decided that If I’m going to waste my calories eating out it is only going to be on high quality fine dining. OK was not good enough. Since then we don’t eat out unless it is a planned event and we know that the food is going to be really really good.

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I agree entirely about not eating out unless it is fine dining. I’d rather cook.

I only eat at McDonald’s when I am on the road, but I agree with Rickisgirl’s assessment. A McDonald’s cheeseburger is healthier than most fast foods. Last time I opted for the fish sandwich and was sorry. Next time I’ll go back to the cheeseburger.

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Yeah, I think I heard that their fish sandwich has more calories than a big mac!

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I go in only to use the bathroom.

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grilled chicken snack wrap.

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Spicy McChicken Sandwich, no mayo. Getting mayo’s like asking for every fat whale in the ocean to crap on your bun, after being injected with butter and “Cholesterol Magic”.

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is the spicy chicken sandwich deep fried?

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@Judi: yes, it is. Nothing is baked except the apple pies. Even the grilled chicken isn’t really grilled… it’s cooked on the same surface as as the burgers.

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“Even the grilled chicken isn’t really grilled… it’s cooked on the same surface as as the burgers.”

Uh…isn’t that the grill?

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@lefteh: Well, yeah it’s a grill, but when someone tells you you’re getting “grilled” chicken, you don’t think a solid metal surface with no place for the beef grease to drip through, so essentially you’re just frying that chicken in beef grease. So not the same thing. Especially when they manufacture the chicken with grill marks in it.

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@poof: It is not grilled on the same grill as the beef. There is a separate grill for other meats.

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Spicy Chicken is cooked however McDonald’s cooks things… but I happen to know that spicy food lacks other calorie/sodium rich “seasonings” since the heat is considered the draw: So for example, spicy chicken has fewer calories than “country fried” chicken.

No mayo on it? Now it’s starting to drop closer to 300 calories (which the double cheeseburger, also a dollar) has more closer to 450 calories (plus saturated fat).

Even these small efforts can go far in saving some of the bulge.

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At least they don’t throw it in the french fryer!

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@lefteh: I worked there for many years. It’s the same grill. Unless in their recent facelift they changed their kitchen process… it’s the same.

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Out of curiosity, I called up a good friend of mine who is a manager at McDonalds, who told me they used a different grill. Perhaps it varies restaurant-to-restaurant?

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Maybe state-to-state. I worked in 3 different restaurants in New Jersey, and the grilled chicken was just thrown onto the regular grill in a little steamer thing.

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Yeah, could be by market.
Hmm. Interesting!

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Veggie burger if I’m on the West Coast (or Disney World) and those plastic wrapped apples. But I avoid McDs. It makes me ill.

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A Fruit and Walnut Salad, orange juice or water. Otherwise I sit and watch others eat.

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k, I must be the unhealthy one in the group.

double cheeseburger extra value meal, with a diet coke.

So, if only a handful of ppl on fluther eat at Mickey’s who the hell are those ppl in the drive thru????

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I’m one of them, picking up empty fat calories for my kids. My son is addicted to their chicken nuggets, which I suspect are not chicken at all but some form of soylent green. Yuuuccchh!

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@ Darwin See you there!

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I’ll be the one buying nuggets but consuming only orange juice.

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I’ll be the one buying the Big Kids Meal and playing with the toy….

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hamburger, cheeseburger, small fries, 4 pc nugget, small drink, and 3 cookies…

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some people think im weird because i order a big mac without the sauce lolll

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Gonna stop tonight!!!!!

I might even gasp have a McFlurry!!!!

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McDonald’s Pro Tip (used to be a manager there): whatever you order, order it customized so that your sandwich is made fresh, and you’re not given one that’s been sitting in the bin for who knows how long. Either remove the pickles or add more pickles, or similarly with any sauce, these are free. Taking off topping is always free.

When I worked there, they used buffers during their busy times, so the sandwich you ordered wasn’t actually the one you got, the one you got was one sitting in the bin for a few minutes, and your actual one was made for whoever comes after you. No thanks, I say. My favorite technique is to order “half cheese”, not only does it guarantee a fresh sandwich but it cuts out 50% of calories from that “cheese” which I’m not fond of.

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@DD: No McD still does the holding bin deal. They’re all fresh.

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I still see it in use up here.

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wow. That’s shocking. Because when I worked there 10 years ago, they were already renovating all of the McD stores in the tri-state area (NJ, NY, PA) and we were told in a meeting about it that within the next 2 years, the holding bins would be gone and all food would be made fresh, with the exception of the actual meat patties which would still be prepared and held in the warming shelves.

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Hahaha! I’ve long since learned not to trust anything they say. And that sentiment was shared by an upper management friend who quit after 10 years of being yanked around to go work for a chip company. I worked there four years ago. Not only was the act encouraged at my restaurant (and every one I’ve been to in the area), we used the previous week’s data to help plan. There’s no real way I could see them getting through a rush without having a buffer, unless they actually hired efficient workers and trained them really right. The full time staff had it down pat, a well oiled machine indeed, but they only worked 6–2 or 8–4. It was the part timers, mostly kids, who caused all the kinks in the system. The supper buffer was and probably is the only real way to compensate, seeing as full time workers don’t want to work that dreaded 11–7 shift. And who could blame them, that shift sucks.

Now I will supplement by saying that a year or two after I left, my store and other became franchises instead of corporate stores. And after working there, I only eat there if it’s my only option. So the new mangement could have tried to eliminate them. But I highly doubt it. I have a friend who unfortunately still works there, apparently the new manager is worse than the awful corporate drone they assigned us.

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@dd: Wow! Maybe it’s different in the States!

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It could very well be. I’m always intrigued by the menu differences… we don’t have steak burritos ever, let alone in the morning!

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Ice cream and french fries! they go great together!

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I get it a lot because my family is busy. I hate it but I eat it anyway.
I usually order the chicken sandwich/fish sandwich/chicken nuggets and fries always. I’ll order a parfait/sundae/ice cream cone next. I sometimes have different things but their coffee is pretty good. Sometimes I wake up on a Saturday and walk there and have a nice coffee o wake me up. Mmmm coffee.

Oh! And McDonalds if Definitely different not only in the states, but in the world! I have lived in Italy, and there is a McDonalds there. You could order spaghetti there! I tried it and it was good. That is only 1 example.
There is a myth going around that McDonalds serves Hotdogs, but only by request. Is that true? I absolutely hate hot dogs (and ½ vegetarian), but I am curious.

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90s_kid, I highly doubt it, but each McDonald’s can contain different things or variations, such as types of muffins or pastries, etc. Basically if they had hot dogs, they would be selling them. They would never carry around ingredients that can spoil, but not sell them in any way other than a secret method. Not only do they not have a hot dog cooking container, but I doubt it’d be a big seller even if they did. The only fast food chain I know of that sells hot dogs here in Canada is either A&W or Harvey’s.

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The McRib. And only the McRib.

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the McD’s here sometimes carries Johnsonville Brats. Odd choice, but hey, who doesn’t love a good brat? well, besides those whiny vegetarians.

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i would rather not order anything. as an ex-employee, i know how horribly disgusting everything is. and seeing as i’m a vegetarian, that really doesn’t help.

but shamrock shakes are pretty bomb, as are all their other shakes (with the exception of eggnog). not to mention their apple dippers are both delicious and nutritious.

in all honesty, healthwise, you’d probably be better off eating the ketchup.

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If I go, I get chicken nuggets, or the mcchicken. We don’t go often though.

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Definetly the Double Cheeseburger…. I have not had MC’D’s for ever! I live out in the “country” and our closest on is over 20 minutes away. A 40 minute drive is to far for me to go just for lunch. If I am in town, I purposely leave my cash at home so I can’t go by there. My hubby eats there alot, there is one close to his job. I wonder if that is why they just put him on BP and cholesterol meds!! He is madder than a hatter at me. When he took my BP it was 106/66 and I smoke and am a diet coke junkie!

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Whenever I eat there, it’s usually because I’m in the ‘I need to put food in here, or I will blackout’-mood I’m usually a fan of the double cheeseburger, even if it sends me into a calorie coma afterwards. Or its the really greasy steak-bagel thing for breakfast. Pretty good, but I feel disgusting afterwards.

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The Baconator.

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The Baconator is totally Wendy’s.

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@lefteh: I know. It’s a joke.

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A Big Mac. And yes, I would like fries with that.

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Oh im not going to pretend, i love Macca’s and eat it whenever i feel like it! Big Mac’s, McChickens, chips, Nuggets, cheeseburgers Mmmmmm!
I have had Macca’s all over the world and they do selll some crazy stuff.
France has their own selection of burgers, Croatia sells curry puffs and pork burgers but not softdrink, Japan doesnt do soft drink either… Most expensive place i have eaten it would probably be Holland – where i paid $10AU for a damn small cheeseburger meal – brutal highway robbery that was!

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Mc feast, fries, shake with extra mayo! The whole bit!

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The mayo does not go in the shake but with the fries…. I love to eat but I am not that disgusting yet.

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I’m not a big Mc Donalds fan but…when I was in Taiwan last month at the Taipei zoo there was a McDonalds…only served chicken sandwiches, no burgers…pretty good…BUT…the BEST thing was they served green Wasabi mayo with their fries…really good!

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cheeseburger, coke and fries AND I ASK FOR KETCHUP (and usually, I actually GET the ketchup!)

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Fillet of Fish, fries and a coke is the norm for me.

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horse turds and a Blizzard shake.

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Depends on whether it’s breakfast or dinner. Breakfast I’ll order an Egg McMuffin. Sometimes I’ll also order a sausage and cheese buscuit if I know I’m not going to be eating much that day. Sometimes I’ll order two hash browns.

If it’s lunch, I usually get a fillet of fish. Rarely do I get french fries too. Although, sometimes I’ll just get a large order of fries and that’s it.

I’ve ordered Big Macs and Quarter Pounders, but I can never eat the whole sandwich.

I ordered a milk shake there, for the first time in a billion years. I was SO disappointed. When did they start putting whipped cream on the top, like it needed more sugar? That was over a year ago. I’ve never gotten another. Too icky.

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sausage mcmuffin , no egg
I ask for 3 of their hot mustard sauces because everything else is just a carrier for that mustard
hash brown

tea – I like the chai they offer

I still prefer the regular McD’s to the McCafe’s , I’m not a fan of the fancy desserts or drinks those serve

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