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Should Congress pass legislation regarding accusations of sexual impropriety?

Asked by josie (27940points) November 22nd, 2017

Rather than express disgust and outrage, why doesn’t Congress simply pass a law that says that if you are accused of sexual misconduct you are tossed out of either branch, or if you are standing for election, you are disqualified from taking your seat.
Problem solved.

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Because they would all instantly lose their jobs.

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That ^^ is probably more true than anyone wants to believe.

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I can’t see that being abused at all…

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Congress considers itself above the law in issues like this. There are very strict guidelines for Federal employees regarding sexual harassment, but they do not apply to Congress. That is why female Representatives and Senators have called for whistleblower protections for harassment victims, but Ryan/McConnell don’t think it is important.

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You would have to toss out every single male in the American political system!

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