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What are good foods to eat in bed?

Asked by zina (1653points) July 25th, 2007

For example: chocolate, blueberries, off-the-stem grapes, dried mango, shelled not-salted nuts, popcorn if you can keep it really contained in a big bowl ...... I'm thinking ideally things that aren't messy - drippy, could stain, oily, have crumbs, seeds, stems.... no chips, burritos, soups, or oranges. Particularly foods that are good for eating with others or feeding others.

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big fan of olives, because there are so many varieties
. Also try figs, dates, rasins, cubed cheeses

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oh.. and blueberries are a bunch of tiny blue stains waiting to happen. I speak from experience.

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Beds are designed for sex and sleep. Activities such as watching TV, reading knitting, eating and web surfing should be stictly prohibited. That being said, the inverse is perfectly exceptable.

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Cheese and crackers, cut up fruit

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cookies with lots of crumbs. :)
am i allowed to ask for an explanation for this question?

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Frozen green grapes are one of my favorite delicacies, and there is simply nothing better than eating them in bed on a hot summer night!

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it really comes down to what other activities are going along with the eating.

If "other physical pursuits" are involved, generally it is a better idea to stay with sweet foods, high in sugars (natural or refined) as they will allow extended bursts of energy and can extend the excitement by reducing fatigue. Generally fruits are a good choice.

If you are talking about food to simply relax with, the inverse is true, where ideally you would want something with more protien than anything else, as it will aid in muscle regeneration.

Neither is to say go overboard or anything.

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Celery, Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Oats, Wheat, Peanut Butter, Caramel (Messy but controllable), Barley, Uhh- Dry Cereal, Any thing you would find in the dry goods section of the general store, lollipops, hamburger without condiments, well made sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, cucumber wedges, butter (tea) sandwiches, beef jerky, dried apricots, dried plums, any sort of dried fruit, small spring rolls, (ok- good question with lots more logical answers- i'm tired but personally i think it's more fun if the food in bed is dangerous- that's exciting- not to change the parameters of the question)

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you could do something like home made checks mix.
i know i’d like that
w/ like m&m’s, pretzels, goldfish, animals crackers, lol anything like that
its not messy but u might get a few crumbs here or there so bring a napkin!!

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Not anything with crumbs, although i do all the time! If you’re in bed that means you probably wont be getting up again to work off the stodge (which makes u tired in the morning) i like to eat raw carrots and celery with a dip like humous

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Everything I can think of would be removed by Fluther moderators…

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I usually have horrible judgment about what to eat in bed crackle, crackle, but I’ll try to brainstorm something for you.

Marshmallows, cherries (a cup for the pits.), Whoppers, Jujubes. The four food groups!

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sunflower seeds?

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The snack that smiles back!

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anything that isn’t crackers
you dont want to have crummy sleep ;-)

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