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Do you think peeling labels off beer bottles says something about a person?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) August 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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other than maybe a nervous habit, inability to concentrate… not really.

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I peel labels off of everything. I think it says I’m easily bored, or easily amused.

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Not really. I’ve heard that when people tear labels off of bottles it means they are sexually frustrated, but I think it really means anything.
(Except that the person saw a bottle sitting next to them and had nothing better to do than to peel off the label. It’s entertainment, not much different than if a television remote had been there instead of a bottle and there person picked it up and turned on the television.)

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I do it. So the sexually frustrated thing might have some truth to it.

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nods @petethepothead
I’ve heard the same thing, it indicates sexual frustration.

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I do because it’s a habit from recycling. I clean them and either reuse them, or once upon a time I lived in a place the would recycle them. And those labels are a bear on the dish washer.

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your bored

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Maybe they’re just ashamed of the beer they’re drinking.

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i do it when i’m bored.

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People also claim chewing ice is a sign of sexual frustration. I think it’s bogus. I peel the labels off beer bottles if I’m fiddling cause they come off easily. People tend to look too deeply into things.

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@jballou: AHHHH, chewing ice??? The very thought of that sends chills down my spine… I never understand how people can ever bite into anything cold with their teeth. That would hurt me SO badly.

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Children that chew on ice could be showing signs of iron deficiency. I dunno about adults.

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they don’t care what type of beer or they are in denial and make it seem like they are drinking some apple juice.

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I was a big-time label peeler back in my beer-drinking days. I used to try to get them off in one perfect piece.

I don’t think it was significant psychologically.

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I agree with you marina.. I try to peel them off in a perfect piece as well… But I’m easily bored as well..

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I collect the new smarties tubes, does that make me strange to D:

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I peel them off when im bored. The goal is to peel the whole label off without ripping it. ^_^

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I usually order what’s on tap.

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I think it means that there is a fairly significant amount of moisture in the air, and that they are drinking their beer rather slowly. When the bottle “sweats,” the label loosens. A loose bottle label always bothers me.

Maybe it means they’ve got mild OCD.

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@Poser Could be so.

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They aren’t drinking fast enough.

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I peel ‘em if (as Poser & jballou said) the label is loose. Having a flippy corner of paper hanging off my bottle irritates me. I do agree that peeling it off in one piece is preferable.

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it’s what you do with the bottle after you peel the label off.

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@ cooksalot – where did you hear this? i’ve always chewed on ice when i was little, and have a form of anemia that includes having low blood iron. hmm.

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In Oregon I was trained as Family Food and Nutrition Educator. It was just one of those things that they told us so that if there is a child in the household that craved chewing on ice we could recommend iron rich dishes for them to cook. And make sure they went to the free clinic and had the child checked. Matter of fact I had a friend whose son wouldn’t eat anything but rice with soy sauce, and chew on ice. She had him checked and sure enough he was low in iron, and a whole bunch of other nutrients too.

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that’s really intersting! i never really was a fan of rice and soy sauce, though.

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People will collect anything. I had a collection myself until I started drinking Rolling Rock, which has a silkscreened label. You can collect the caps, though.

What you don’t get is the challenge. The idea is to get the label off intact. If you can do that, you’re in good shape to order another.

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i dunno. they just do. it’s fun.

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I like to peel them and affix them to my face for a beer mask effect.

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If the persons responsibility is to get that label to stick to the bottle well it says they arent very good at their job.

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I am definitely OCD and peel the labels off. Actually, I peel the labels off of everything including my canned veg. (I like the element of surprise). But when I’m having a beer I like to try and peel the labels off in one go. If it doesn’t happen, then OCD kicks in and I have to have another beer, just to try again. If I am successful in peeling the label off in one piece, then I have to have another beer to celebrate. Either way, I’m happy. Thus the cycle continues. But I never have more than 2 beers. Thank God I’m not OCD about higher numbers… =)

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The very best challenge in the world is to completely peel off the label on a new cigarette lighter. these labels must have been applied with super glue. i believe boredom is the main reason that people peel.

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If the person first soaks or steams it, then peels it off carefully, it could be they either collect them, or keep them as a souvenir memento of a special night, or a special beer.

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Switching to beer in cans will prevent this phobia.

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They are deeply ashamed of their taste in beer.

And rightly so.

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