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What's that red liquid they're eating with a spoon in "The Dressmaker"?

Asked by Jeruba (55848points) December 17th, 2017

I saw The Dressmaker (Kate Winslet, 2015) last night. One of the questions I was left with was this: what was the bright orangey-red, viscous liquid that Tilly fed her mother (and, later, her mother fed her) with a soup spoon?

Do you have to be Australian to recognize it?


Tags as I wrote them: movies, The Dressmaker, Australian cuisine, food, soup.

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I have not seen the movie, but when you say Australian spoon food, I think Vegemite.

Not to be confused with Vitameatavegamin

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I have watched every episode of Masterchef (AU) and I don’t recall any red liquid that is uniquely Australian.

If you can tell me a approximate time in the movie this occurred I will watch. I already downloaded it. I just don’t want to scrub through the entire thing.

If it didn’t kill them my hunch is pomegranate juice.

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@Jeruba Do you have to be Australian to recognize it?

‘Struth! Stone the flamin’ crows, no.

From the novel of the same name:

Later, Tilly heated tinned tomato soup and sat her mother in the sun – emptied, cleaned and wrapped in jumpers, gloves, cap, socks, slippers and blankets – and fed her. All the while Mad Molly prattled. Tilly wiped her mother’s saucered mouth. ‘Did you enjoy that?’ Her mother replied formally, ‘Yes thank you,

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