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Is it unethical or immoral to hack slot machines to guarantee a win?

Asked by ragingloli (49128points) December 17th, 2017

If you think it is, is it more or less immoral than Casinos running these machines in the first place?

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I say it’s unethical or immoral because you enter a space where morons pump money into the machines based on the rules and you take the morons’ money by breaking the rules.

I say it is a little less unethical or immoral because you are taking money from the pockets of degenerate casino operators.

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Short answer is yes.

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Depends on your morality, and the people and laws involved in all possible outcomes. Some casino owners are less lovable than others. In theory there can be slot machines that are light entertainment for some, state the rules and are fair. In practice they may tend to be exploiting weak people, so some Robin Hooding might be excused by some moral codes. The law will also tend to be against it, meaning you’re risking detection and consequences for you and anyone associated with you.

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If games of skill are legal I would consider hacking a skill. It is like poker with a arduino.

And fuck casinos…

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Not for you..)~

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Don’t get caught; you could end up in a bridge abutment in Illinois !

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I think @ragingloli premise is correct. Slot machines are inherently immoral. So hacking them is similarly immoral.

On the other hand, no one is forcing a person to play the slots. It’s an opt-in choice.

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They are already hacked to guarantee a win (for the casinos) but that is done legally and we know about it. Doing it surreptitiously to make money for yourself is unethical and I wouldn’t advise it. It is better to just not play these machines.

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That would be stealing.
Stealing is immoral unless you are doing to save your life.
At that point it is merely illegal.

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Not in Trumplandia where the win go to the biggest weasel.

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Yes. Also it is a good way to get your kneecaps broken.

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Yes. To do so is to steal, cheat. Get thrown in jail.

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