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What do I change the file type to, to be able to view it?

Asked by boots74 (72points) August 14th, 2008

I had a virus on my computer and I had to start all over, now, I can’t figure out what type of file I should change the files to.
So that I can read them.
Thanks in advance!

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sure, change the files to…what files ? what kind of function did those files have ? with what do you want to use them ?

what kind of fish do i have to buy so i can eat fish ?

what kind of fuel should i put in my car ?

i think i made myself clear…

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sure, you made your self clear, not real savvy with the puter talk,
The files contain instructions that I need to read.
Some say PHP File, Text Document, SRT File,
Just now, I was looking for files so I could tell you what type they are, I found a folder 13P1Y6B (thats the name of it) I opened the fold and it contains a pic of every web site
that I have viewed since restarting computer from scratch. Do you know whats up with
Thanks for your help

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Wow, I knew Windows computers could get messed up… but I never knew how bad.

Crazy, man.

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If you dont know the file type try opening the item in notepad as a txt file. Then look at the first line of text and you will either see the name of the program used to create the file or a filename extension like .pdf or .xml

You can now change the file extension on your original file and off you go.

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I’m confused—why don’t your files have extensions anymore? Did the virus remove them?

The folder labeled “13P1Y6B” sounds like it’s just your web cache – how your computer stores websites so that they’ll load more quickly later. Under what other folders is this folder located?

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