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Beach volleyball tape?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) August 14th, 2008

I’ve heard the answer to why Walsh has that black tape on her shoulder (injury/surgery), but I notice others have blue tape on their shoulders and or knees/shins…what’s the deal?

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Why does walsh have the tape on her shoulder? I’ve been trying to find out the reason why.

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I googled “beach volleyball player tape” and all I got were answers on Walsh. It’s medical tape that acts as a flexible brace, keeps the blood circulating, and/or has pain reliever in it. She’s had injuries to and/or surgeries on that shoulder. I don’t know if these answers were accurate, but that’s what’s out there on the internets.

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Maybe it’s the same for them?

And playing volleyball can be pretty rough on the skin, diving into sand and such. Extra protection from cuts and scrapes?

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I don’t have a definitive answer, but this could help:

In high school, I spent a decent amount of time at the trainer and saw football players have similar tape jobs done to their joints every day. I know that for most of them it was to stabilize shoulders and prevent an exaggerated range of motion or a popping out of the socket.

Specifically, I play volleyball on a regular basis and I could potentially see why this type of taping could be used for hitters.

I wasn’t a trainer’s assistant or anything and I don’t have any extensive knowledge on the subject, but this could help:

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Its a type of medical tape I think Im not sure of it its on yahoo but thats the answer to the blace tape for Walsh.

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It’s Kinesio tape. Apparently it aids in dealing rehabilitating/supporting muscle as well as increasing blood flow by adjusting the fascia (see

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Gizmodo also had an article on it. I need some of that for my knee.

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