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What are your thoughts on UN Jerusalem voting result?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) December 22nd, 2017

As asked.

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Disappointed in the abstentions and even more so the ones that did not even show up.

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It showed that many will stand against the dangerous stupidity of the POTUS. And that some, would rather try to stay on his good side.

The talk from the Whitehouse, about “remembering” those who didn’t just go along with us, is disturbing, if not typical behavior, from this administration. And this type of rhetoric, will not serve to do anything but further divide the world.

Maybe less people will die of error this, with less support.

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Meaningless. Impotent.

The UN has been limp for years. They talk and talk and never make progress on anything. This is more kerfuffle which will die down.

The macro picture is that the UN is, has been, and will continue to be anti-semitic. Has been since 1947. Thursday was just the latest in hundreds of examples.

And, as I wrote in a post a couple weeks ago, the Palestinians have been playing a con game for 40 years and they are desperately trying to remain relevant in a world that pretty much doesn’t give a shit about them. Again, this week is another dying gasp.

Bottom line: Meaningless puffery at the UN.

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It is a real shame that there is no word describing the racism against palaestinians with the same heft as anti-semitism.

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I’m more disappointed that they are ignoring the million people with cholera in Yemen.

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Pleased to know the NZ government stood strong against Trump’s threats and voted yes for the UN resolution. I don’t know that our previous government would have done the same, I’m inclined to think it would have abstained.

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Don’t make the mistake of conflating the state of Israel with the Jewish people. They are not one and the same.

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Trump blundered (again) in his blockheaded decision to move the U S embassy to Jerusalem. The move served only to confirm to the world Tillerson’s assessment of the fkn idiot, as once again the idiot in chief focuses world attention on the injustices heaped upon the Palestinians.

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I like this UN better…

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