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How to give away old jewelry that family has given you?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) December 26th, 2017 from iPhone

I have SO much jewelry taking up space that I keep just because my grandpa or grandma gave it to me. When I go to give it to goodwill or something, I stop and think “what about when grandpa dies? This will be a memory to keep of him”.

It’s like I have one part of myself screaming to declutter and get rid of stuff, and the other half just can’t.


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Take pictures for your memories and donate the actual items to charity in honor of the relatives.

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Pass it on to other family members?

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Before giving it away, maybe you can take it and have it appraised. It may be just old junky jewelry to you, but it may be worth something.

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Pass it on, when the time is right…

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