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What are the rules to spring cleaning?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) April 9th, 2010

I’d like to get a really good spring clean going and I was wondering what some guidelines or rules are. Like getting rid of clothes I don’t wear or that don’t fit. I’d like some of your tips for organizing, storing, or purging. Any places where I could find some information.

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hard core people clean the walls and base boards

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If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it (not including very formal things you’ll need eventually).
If it’s been in the “get tailored” pile for over a year, get rid of it.
If it’s out of fashion, get rid of it. The trend may come back around, but the tailoring will be different.
If it just makes you feel and look meh instead of fabulous, get rid of it.
If you’ll wear it again if only you could gain or loose those last 10 pounds, get rid of it (unless you’re currently actively working towards it). You’ll want to go shopping if you hit your goal anyway.

Other stuff:
If it doesn’t have a distinct purpose and it doesn’t make you very happy to look at it, get rid of it.
If it’s been in a to-do pile for over a year, get rid of it.
If you have more duplicates of something than you’ll even need (like 3 sets of guest towels and you’ve never hand that many guests) get rid of it.
If it hasn’t worked in over a year and you haven’t gotten around to fixing it, get rid of it.
If it’s for a hobby you just don’t do anymore, get rid of it.

I don’t mean throw stuff that’s in good condition away. Have a yard sale or donate to Goodwill.

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For me it is not rules, it is a matter of how to get off my fat butt and start that welcome spring clean!

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I do spring cleaning outside!

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Call my daughter. She will throw everything away.

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This is all from the point of view of a guy who does not have or want a totally neat house. But I don’t want a dirty house either. It needs to be at least somewhat organized, and definitely free of dust n dirt, mostly.

Papers: Put in 3 piles: Very Important, Somewhat Important, and Long Term Storage
Then find a place for the piles that is both convenient and out-of-sight. Closets are good.

Clothes: If you ever have clothes on your floor, it means they need a Place. Usually a simple box in the closet will suffice. I have 5 boxes: Shirts, Pants, Socks, Underwear, and To Be Laundered (The other stuff is on shelves, and important shirts are hanging).

Everything needs a place. If you find that you find recyclables or other things just floating about, they need a box to go to. And you need a plan on when that box gets emptied. (Usually the day before trash day).

All clothes that you know you won’t wear again, because you haven’t worn them in a long time already…. put ‘em in a box and put the box in your car. Next time you drive by a thrift shop, give it to them.

Here is the biggest mistake when people clean: Going into Denial.

One form of denial is thinking that you will somehow change your behavior. That’s why I put my clothes in boxes in the closet. Because I figured out about myself: I’m not gonna sort and hang my clothes. with a few exceptions. And so instead of hanging all my shirts now, pretending that I’ll keep doing it forever when in reality i won’t and they’ll end up on the floor again, I just use the boxes, and take time out to at least hang up my 5 most important shirts. So that’s just one example of me overcoming my denial. Other people have different denials, and they need to be identified when cleaning.

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Real men have no idea what you are talking about.

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Don’t try this at home.

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@py_sue I know you are serious about this, so I think I would go to the Library or google : spring cleaning 101 it will bring up the BHG spring cleaning. You will probably get better help and advise than you would get here.
Hey, I need my house done too. lol

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-Get rid of “piles” of anything.
-Go through closets.
-If you haven’t seen the floor of an area in months (basement corner, closet floor, under your bed), it should be completely cleared out and organized/ cleaned.
-Clean out medicine cabinets, disposing of out of date products.
-I like @Likeradar‘s answer for clothing. See if friends or family can take any hand-me-downs.
-Clean windows
-Sweep leaves off property and tidy your patio/porch/lawn furniture
-Clean kitchen appliances. Inside fridge, oven, toaster oven, microwave, etc.
-Scrub behind toilet and bleach grout.
-Wipe down light fixtures, fan blades, mouldings, and window and door trim.
-Now is the time to hire someone to clean your vents and ducts, and get your furniture and carpet professionally cleaned, if you can afford it (I wish I could).

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