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McCain and Bush.

Asked by snowboard06 (14points) August 14th, 2008

Do you think mcCain for president would leave us with another bush and do you think he would have a act on ” going green ” ?

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We could only hope that McCain would be as upright a man!

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I hope so, It seems as though he wouldn’t necessarily be though.

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I’m sure any president running now is going to say we are going green,but its not just a word that will go green.everyone needs to do there own part andbush sure didn’t help.but be a bit more clearer into what your asking.

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@snowboard06….Wow. It always catches me off guard when I meet someone who still actually supports Bush.

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We had better elect McCain!

If we get Habeas Corpus back, I won’t know how to go on… We’ll have basic rights again, the Constitution would be restored… Blech!

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to Hobbes I’m not standing up for bush nor am I on his side I just hear from alot of people that he would be another bush and I’d never support that.

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@snowboard06 – Ah. OK. My mistake – sorry =]

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