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What will be your reaction if you meet your favorite celebrity?

Asked by imrainmaker (8259points) January 6th, 2018

Has this happened with you already? If yes what was your reaction?

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Well I’ve met (the since departed) Peter Christopherson (of Coil and Throbbing Gristle), Steve Von Till (of Neurosis), and Colin H. Van Eeckhout (of Amenra). Didn’t really freak out or anything. Just kind shook their hands and stated my appreciation of their music. And bought a CD off Colin H.

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I met Jimmie Walker from Good Times at the airport in Las Vegas when I was 8 or 9. This was in the late 70s. I was waiting for my father to return from a business trip with my mom when I spotted J.J. sitting in a nearby waiting area.

I begged my mother for an autograph. She took me to him and he was very kind. His security was scary for a child but his smile made me feel welcome.

I also rode the same elevator with Barry Manilow at the Boulevard Mall a few years later. I was starstruck and silent. His security was also menacing.

I don’t like to make a scene now that I’m grown up. I’d probably worship from afar.

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I’m not sure who my favorite is right now. I like certain celebrities for differing reasons. I’m pretty laid back, so I probably wouldn’t attract much attention. I like Dwayne the Rock. He is an above average performer. He did a song and dance bit on SNL that cracked me up. He’s good to look at too. I wouldn’t go berzerk if I met him, and in my present state, he certainly wouldn’t be impressed by me.
All my biggest faves died in the last couple of years. Alan Rickman. If I had ever met him, I might have peed myself. Not the best way to make an impression, but I fell for him the first time I saw Die Hard. I even said, “Hard to root for the right side when the bad guys are so hot.” I loved how he could speak so softly, and evenly, and yet be so menacing.
Still, I don’t think I would have made a scene, just get very clumsy, I think.
During my twenties I wished I could meet Angus Young, of AC/DC. That would have been a rowdy scene. I would have attempted to put his staying power to the test.
There are several famous ladies I would like to meet, but maybe have brunch.
I think after seeing many celebrities fall from grace over the decades, I have lost some of my awe for them.

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I’ve met a few celebrities over the years. Some by accident (Mike Tyson, Joe Perry of Aerosmith) and some because of work (David Copperfield, Nancy Kerrigan).

In all cases, I thought it was neat to see them, but just treated them like people. Pretty low key, but in my head, I thought, “Heeyyy, that’s so-and-so…how cool!”

One time, I was a little flabbergasted. I had designed a stage set (props) for a concert and was up on stage telling the crew where stuff goes. Suddenly I hear this British accented voice asking me if it was okay if he warmed up a bit.

I looked over to see Elton John standing by the piano…asking me if it’s okay if he warms up a bit!?! I think all I managed to say was, “Um, uh..yeah sure.”

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What will be your reaction if you meet your favorite celebrity?

Considerable surprise.

I’ll probably say, “Thank you, thank you very much”, then pick up the groceries and leave the building.

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I met Alton Brown once and talked to him for a few minutes, extremely nice guy and easy to talk to. I was a little star struck, mainly because of how much Good Eats influenced me when I was younger.

I’ve also met Steve Zahn, an actor that doesn’t get as much praise as he should. He owns a farm about 5 minutes away from where I live and I talked to him for a few minutes about his role in the latest Planet of the Apes film

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Over the years, I’ve met so many celebrities, famous politicians, and well-known officials. I just treat them the same as anyone – smile, say “How do you do,” and shake hands if convenient and appropriate.

My personal favorite – I was out running and had to stop and wait for a traffic light. I was standing next to Daniel Patrick Monaghan, who smiled warmly and said “That looks like hard work!” We made pleasant small talk for about a minute or so, until the light changed. Just two ordinary folks in a random encounter…

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I have met celebrities. I like to treat them as regular people, which they are.

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