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If someone were to be the narrator of your life, who would you want it to be?

Asked by Hobbes (7368points) August 15th, 2008

For me, it’s a toss up between Morgan Freeman, Garrison Keillor, and David Attenborough.

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Bob Marley mon,....yea mon!

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Myself. Not that I like my voice, I just think I’d be the best man for the job.

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Elephant Boy from the Howard Stern Show. He’s a good pick.

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Robert Stack of course!!!!

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User: Riser.

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Sev said Marley, so I’m going to assume the deceased count…

George Carlin all the way.

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James Earl Jones

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morgan freeman

or christopher walken

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Bobcat Goldthwait with Michael Winslow doing the sound effects and score.

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Roseanne Barr. She can ad-lib as much as she wants.

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Sam Elliott.

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Philip Freriks. (newsreader in Holland)

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Emma Thompson. She did a nice job of it in Stranger Than Fiction.

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Vincent Price!

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David Sedaris. Though I have no idea how he actually sounds, I am in love with his writer’s “voice”. It is very much the way my thoughts sound in my head.

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@august; I love him! First thing I do when I get the New Yorker is check if he has a piece in it. Then I read Anthony Lane :D

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Emma Thompson or Morgan Freeman.

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@klaas4, i always hear his voice when i want to postpone an orgasm, i can hear him say “goedenavond dames en heren…in de strijd om de champions leauge….” haha

i’d let Jeff Waters from Annihilator do it :) he has a nice voice, not too direct, pretty funny, pretty loose

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I need someone who can see the humor—maybe Tina Fey.

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@augustian, you can hear David Sedaris on This American Life, I have heard his essays several times, and he would be a great narrator! If you can get a hold of it, listen to the piece he did after September 11th, it is amazing.

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bobcat goldthwait. just kidding,

Jim Dale (narrator of the Harry Potter Audio Books)

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Katherine Hepburn.

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@super: Thanks!

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Stephen Fry

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my mom because she would tell it with a lot of expression and passion.

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@Shrub; Hell yes.

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Damn! loser took my first answer, and then shrubbery took my second one! My third pick: Jim Dale. Or Hugh Laurie. ...Or Neil Gaiman.

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Oh, yes…Hugh Laurie would do for me, too.

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Sorry MacBean!

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@Bri_L—Oh, wow, I didn’t see your answer. hahaha I’m unoriginal and unobservant tonight! I fail!

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heheh. I am honored to have chosen the same one as you after seeing your list!

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Chip’n’Dale, Lisa Kudrow or Kathleen Turner – there would have to be a comical twist.

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@august; I think Hugh Laurie does it for all of us, if you know what I mean ;)

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oooooh. Gaiman. Mmmmm.

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@ delirium – I am not sure what that means but I love reading it.

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@augustlan This was my NPR audio introduction to David Sedaris. I still think this is one of his best. Enjoy!

My first choice is David Attenborough as my narrator. My second is Carl Castle.

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@Marina! Carl Castle would be wonderful! I am a huge fan of Noah Adams too, he’d be a great life narrator, so would Ira Glass (unique – but good)! In case you didn’t guess, I am an NPR junky

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@SuperMouse Shall we form a 12-step group?

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Sean Connery.

“In thot one inshtant, hish entiyuh life wash changed…for the bettah!”

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@knot: nice accent!!

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@knotmydat – VERY well done. I laugh quite hard at that. hehe

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Morgan Freeman I mean come on. Hes like the worlds greatest narrator. Im compelled to listen to anything that man says. ^_^

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Bri: its important to say it out loud. ;)

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Eddie Izzard, with all of his voices he does, or William Shatner. I’d love to hear either of them, maybe with Christopher Walken doing commercial breaks and PSA’s.

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Corey Flintoff from NPR. That man’s voice is pure velvet.

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John Hurt.

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The guy from The Wonder Years who is that? has such a nice voice.

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Some of my favorites have already been mentioned: Morgan Freeman, Avery Brooks, Sean Connery, Corey Flintoff, Carl Castle, Lisa Kudrow, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Haysbert.

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Greatest voice talent available.

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