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Does anybody know what happens when two funeral processions, moving in opposite directions, meet?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44183points) January 15th, 2018

I considered framing this as “Share the last time you thought of something odd, and suddenly, there it was!” So feel free to answer in that vein too.

When I met Rick I’d been to exactly 2 whole funerals in my life. But he has extended family around here, so now I go to one about once a year, and we’ve been together for 15 years. I’ve been in a LOT of processions since then.

Went to a funeral this weekend, then joined the procession. If there is anything at all “cool” about a funeral, it’s the procession. The whole world comes to a stop around you. You get to run red lights and stop signs.

Observing all of this I asked Rick, “So what would happen if there was a funeral procession coming from the opposite direction? Does everybody just freeze for all time?”
He said he didn’t know, he’d never experienced anything like that.

Well, not five minutes later… Rick and I just burst out laughing.

Later, at the dinner, several people said they’d never experienced it before, either. It was just very cool that I thought of it, and then there it was!

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It’s declared a dead heat…hahahahahahahaha <hiccup>

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His and hearse maybe?

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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Good one @flutherother!

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I agree with Rick – I would have laughed too.

If the traffic had met just as they entered the cemetery and the corpsemobiles had collided, there would have been grave consequences.

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Oh man, you’re on a roll!

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This thread deserves to be buried.

If one procession is going North, an date other is going south, everybody lowers the windows on the left and waves as the other procession passes.

Why would you stop if the procession is going the other way? That is nuts. (And not legal!)

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It was just a fun question @zenvelo.

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@zenvelo – of corpse that’s what they should do.

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They stop and an emissary from each lead car meet half-way and negotiate right of way using a complex ritual double-blind bidding system, with ties resolved by coin toss. According to ancient tradition, if no agreement can be found, both processions charge each other for head-on car combat. Knowing the consequences, not to mention the modern legal consequences and the modern distaste and unpreparedness for mortal conflict, in recent decades it hardly ever comes to that.

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Of course, if a mail truck shows up, the processions both pull over, because the mail must go through!

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I think the procession with the most cars wins.

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@zenvelo – if it’s a man in the hearse, The MALE must go through

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Y’all SO irreverent!~

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Well it would only be a problem if they are both driving on a one way road. In which case someone has chosen a bad path.

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Well, when I asked the question I assumed it was a universal thing in the US that oncoming traffic pulls over and stops for a funeral procession. I was wrong. Apparently it’s more of a southern custom.

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