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What do you do to compensate for your shortcomings?

Asked by nina (895points) August 15th, 2008

I have pre-matched outfits, mostly in shades of black and whilte, hide behind a camera in social gatherings and avoid aggressive physical pursuits – you?

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I wear a short sleeve t-shirt with a long sleeve, unbuttoned dress shirt over it. Makes the man boobs look smaller.

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I wear V necks to make my girl boobs look smaller.

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In a social situation, I’m usually cracking jokes, saying outrageous things, basically acting like a lunatic. I tend to get away with it because people here where I now live (USA) think it is because I’m an Aussie, and they love the accent, which tends to make people overlook a whole lot of sins. Hopefully it covers how weird I really am, and they don’t notice!!

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What shortcomings?

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I point out my shortcomings to show I know what they are, and hope that people will overlook them and give me a little scrap of their time, anyway. I guess it works to some degree. Sure, some people find me arrogant; and some find me overly-self-critical; but a few find me a little bit endearing. ‘Dem last’s da ones dat act friendly.


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Humour and sarcasm! I’m allowed to make fat-jokes!

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@wildflower: if you turn sideways on fluther, no one can see you!

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Well, they can, they just think it’s a beached whale or grounded hot-air balloon…

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AAAAAACK! I think I’m going to go eat glass chips. You win! No. Wait. Glass chips. Hot air balloons. Methinks I have an idea! [where’s the lightbulb icon when you need it]

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Are you trying to deflate me??

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Now don’t feel bad. Just think of this as a crash course in bariatrics!

Yikes, I can’t believe I did that!

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I don’t…...I mean, at least I get you to bloody yourself in the process…

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I think that passing glass chips would give you a “ring of fire”.

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That wasn’t me passing glass! I swear. I think it was the dog!

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you feed your dog glass chips?? you really are quite cruel!

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accentuate the positive

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I didn’t say it was my dog, did I?

I think it’s a big, mechanical dog, with a furnace in it’s belly, and it excretes glass vases. So yes, it does get fed glass chips. Sometimes sand. Also chrome and other stuff that makes glass colorful.

Oh La! I love this image! There’s a story here.

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Wear a really great padded bra! :O But honestly, I try not to think of my shortcomings and instead focus more on my strengths. So yeah, what Judi said.

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