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Do you think that the PS3 will have New Games in 2K18?

Asked by Dibowac78NN (101points) January 16th, 2018

Since 2005, the PS3 or well Play-Station 3, has been known to Gamers, and well that would mean the PS3 will be 13 Years Old this Year, so I was wondering considering that last Year which was 2017, there came 5 PS3 Games or more but these are the ones that I searched up, FIFA 2018, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, NBA 2K18, Just Dance 2018, and Cars 3: Driven To Win, despite most Gamers going over to the PS4, the PS3 still got attention by Sony, as they had released Games for it despite it being a Pre-Gen Console, sooo I do any of you think that the Play-Station 3 will get any New Games this Year in 2018, or will the Play-Station 3 hit its rest, and slowly fade out as the PS4 will then fully take in?.

PS: If anyone wonders why I didn’t mention the Xbox what so ever, its because the Xbox One has Backwards Compatibility.

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As far as big-budget “AAA” games – no. Possibly some smaller, “indie” games, and maybe some games geared more towards younger players and the family-friendly set. But by and large the PS3 is pretty much a legacy console at this point.

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I think SONY is actually shutting down support for the PS3 this year.

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