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How did I save this Word document as a picture?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38321points) January 16th, 2018

I am creating a memorial page for our friend. I created the picture in Word. What I’ve always done then is to do a screen print, then paste it into Paint and crop around it.

Well, I was working on it, and right clicked….and the option to “Save as a picture” was right there! But now I can’t find that option again! It was so nice. I was able to retain the rounded edges of the picture. Taking it into paint I lose that ability because I only have a rectangular crop option. (And freehand, but I’m not about to go there!)

Can anybody help me? I’m losing my mind.

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Email me the document. Let me look at it.

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OK. I will.

I thought I was losing my freaking mind. Fortunately I still had the original document open and I went back to it and right clicked, and there it was

But the option ISN’T available on the new document.

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The only thing different I can see it the formatting options at the top of the page. On the one I can save as a pic it shows “Picture Tools” only.
On the other, which I can’t, it says, “Drawing Tools” AND “Picture tools.”

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I sent it back to you as a .pdf. I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to do with it.

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It’s going to be the picture on our friend’s Memorial page on FB.

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I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Geez. I have to left click on the image so my set points show upj and THEN I have the option to save it as a picture.
Thank goodness. That would one of those things that would leave me tossing and turning at night!

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I take it back. I didn’t figure it out. Time to Google some more.

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Well I haven’t figured that specific thing out but I learned some cool new stuff out while researching.
No thanks to the Microsoft tech I chatted with. I don’t think she ever did inderstand my question. She kept trying to learn me to save a document and how to screen print. When I cried ” STOP!!!” she tried to sell me some support package for a million dollars.

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