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What is a sentence using the word 'diversion'?

Asked by fieldhockey10 (9points) October 5th, 2008


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Fluther is a great diversion in the sea of business.

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Palin’s wink was a diversion that distracted the audience from the content of her answers.

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When it comes to songs, diversion that I like dibest, is dione sung by dioriginal artist.

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When it comes to doing your own homework, asking the Fluther for answers is a diversion from the honest and straight path.

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I am trying to work, but Fluther is becoming a diversion.

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By taking a diversion from her original path to become an oceanographer, Marina had fewer hours at sea, but more fun in a sea of words.

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“Sometimes politicians use unimportant news as a diversion to keep real story out of the news.”

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They created a diversion as their buddies robbed the bank.

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