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Is it safe to tell what medications that you are on in Fluther?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13520points) January 19th, 2018

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I wouldn’t recommend it…

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Why would you? If you have questions about your meds, you should talk to your doctor.

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Can’t see why you would want to discuss that on the Internet.

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I did see a post where someone ended up with a bleeding ulcer after taking Aleve everyday for a year. This happened to a doctor that I work with and found it to be informative.

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it would depend on your motivation for doing so and what you mean by safe.

I could see asking if anyone else had such and such a reaction like this while taking such and such a medication.

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Depends on context.

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I would advise against it if your real name is associated with your user name here. There are some people who share personal information about users here on other sites.

With that said I have learned a thing or two by reading discussions about meds here.

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You just don’t want to give too much info. With enough random facts, a jelly could perhaps deduce your real identity.

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I wouldn’t share what medications I’m having unless they are for trivial things like flue / cold etc.

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What possible good can come of it?

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Okay, I am totally confused. Why can’t he put up what medications he is taking? How on earth would he be recognized by his medications or his name Red Deer Guy? Unless he is literally the only red deer that can write and joined a forum?

Also, if people are talking about people on other sites(?) then I’d consider the saying “What people are saying about me, is none of my business”.

I take aspirin, anyone guess who I am!!!!

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