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What does music making do for you?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) August 15th, 2008

What kind of music do you make; where do you make it; and what about it keeps you wanting to do it again and again?

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Great question. Let’s all learn together.

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daloon, glad you asked that question. I see he’s coming to the Bay Area. I’m scheduling to go meet the author of the book of the site I linked you to.

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I just can’t take this question seriously with the picture of a butt right next to it…..

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@cheeb: It’s my screening test. It weeds out the people who don’t know how to see below the surface of things.

@idea: funny that. Another musician recently told me about that book, and recommended I get it. It’s because I think about this kind of stuff a lot and, of course, have a bunch of theories, myself. I’m actually not asking about what you’ve been told about how you experience music, but to describe what you see happening inside you when you observe yourself as you make music.

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I used to play the flute classically (I’m so rusty now that I have to re-teach myself), and I came to learn that I love making music with other people. It’s never as satisfying if I’m playing by myself as it is when I’m in the center of the sound, contributing one part to the whole.

I also used to sing with an a capella group and I really enjoy drum circles, not that I’ve done one in a really long time, but it’s the same feeling of getting lost in the middle of the sound, one part to the whole.

The feeling I get when I’m part of music making like this is amazing.. it’s joy, euphoria, beauty.. I love the intensity of being in the middle of the sound. I love that each individual part is one thing by itself, but something so much more amazing when combined. It kind of gets me high, I don’t know how else to explain it.

These days, I content myself to play with music by making mixes and such. :)

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i make music.. i don’t know what genre it would be, really. but i make it in my basement. and.. I dunno why i keep doing it. in a way, it’s how i keep my random lyrics and music organized. iI dunno.. i just do it. i guess that somewhere in my mind I keep thinking I’ll get “discovered”.. hah

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cheeky cheebs…’s a world map….or so he says…..
Ideabrian…..fantastic site….I’ve checked it out on many an occasion.

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It’s a map on a butt. Check it out.

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I use GarageBand on the mac. I love making music ‘cause it’s a tangible way to express yourself about what’s going on inside you/around you/in the world. And with GB, you don’t even have to PLAY an instrument to get started. But playing your own stuff right into it is a breeze, and you can burn CDs for demos or to share w/ friends and family.

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They’re teaching my daughter GB at her middle school. She’s a wiz, apparently.

I just got back from my gig. The thing I like is the mind-passing process of taking in what’s going on with the dancers (or the audience), and translating it into an idea, and pushing it back out through my lips and my horn. When it works well, this feedback loop gets started, and it happens all by itself, seemingly without me. I can kind of sit back and watch if I want, but I don’t. I prefer to just bliss out, while watching. It’s an amazing thing, but it’s hard to describe.

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Sounds like there are some things that make you shine?!

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When it works, it’s not really me. It’s like it happens all by itself. I get to watch, and feel lucky that my body is being borrowed for this purpose.

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Ahhhh bull shit!!!!!!!!!
You’re a musician, my friend…...I was….I’ll PM

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