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Does anyone want to join me in wishing my darling husband Gooch a very Happy Birthday?

Asked by mzgator (4158points) August 15th, 2008 from iPhone

My sweetheart Troy, Gooch as you know him, is celebrating his birthday today. He has been working day and night all week. He is such a great guy. No one deserves a great day like him!

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Hope you have a happy, happy day!

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Happy Birthday, Gooch! Hope you have a wonderful day with everything just how you want it!

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I don’t know either of you here on Fluther (yet). I hope he has a great day, and I wish huge slabs of cake and copious amounts of booze upon him!!

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May it rain hard today and tonight so you both can spend the evening together and celebrate. There have been many heartening signs here of what a loving and good marriage you have. Lucky Goochlets. Congratulations, Troy.

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Gooooooooch! Happy B-day!

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Happy Birthday Gooch!!!

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Happy, happy :)

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right on gooch-happy birthday buddy! Cheebdragon shares your birthday, and I was telling her about how awesome New Orleans is and the cuisine! Have a good one.

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Happy Birthday

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happy birthday! :)

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happy bd! so thoughtful of your wife to let us know! enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Troy! If I knew your address I’d send you a lovely bottle of gewurztraminer. I remember it’s your favourite.

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A great day to be born. I was supposed to be born today, but they had too much on the surgery schedule.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOCH! (Virtual pecan pie being sent your way).

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Tillukku við føðingardegnum!!!!
I may be back from my vacation, but I’m clinging to the language where I can get away with it ;)

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy, Happy Day! It’s Friday…Partay!

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Have the most wonderful birthday ever, Gooch!

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Happiest burfday ever Goochasaurus Rex.

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happy birthday to a fellow Leo

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happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!happy, happy, birthDAY!

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Thanks to all! Mzgator just showed me this thread. It’s great to hear HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all the collective. It’s like getting a phone call from family. It’s special because my family is soooooo small. I had 8 happy birthday wishes including the ones from Acuvue contacts and Pepsi for some reason. You guys make it great! @Gail it is raining and I am spending great time with my wife and kids. @ breedmitch you’re great to remember the wine. @Seesul thanks for the pecan pie how did you remember I am a southern boy. Wow you guys are so observant. Thanks Again to all! Thanks especially to the “Old Guard’

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happy birthday!

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I get a card every year from my Subaru dealer. Idiocy.
Anyway, I am delighted that it rained and you, Ms. Gooch and the Goochettes had fun.

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Aw, what sweet sentiments…. I wish you the happiest of birthdays, Gooch. :)

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@Gooch: My southern family taught me manners and courtesy, so I don’t forget things like that.

I got greetings from Princess Cruises, but I do like the ones from Marie Callenders that give me $5 off and a free piece of pie for everyone that I bring with me. Hopefully they will still have fresh peace pie when I get in there.

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Happy Birthday and may you have a great day!!! Sounds like you deserve it! Enjoy!

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edit: Peach. Datblastit iPhone intuitive spelling!

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@Troy: Wine is my profession, so it would be pretty remiss of me not to remember. Hope you had a great day.

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ooops. sorry, i haven’t been fluthering that much these days and i missed this Q (i am currently going through the “Qs for you”). Belated Happy Birthday to you gooch! Glad to know it went well :)

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