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How's the weather in your area?

Asked by NomoreY_A (5493points) January 21st, 2018

Yesterday was warm and sunny here with a high of 70F. Cool and cloudy today temps holding at mid 60s. Are you still trapped in the deep freeze?

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Gorgeous. About 65 degrees, sunny, light breeze.

(Suburban Atlanta)

We had snow and ice early this past week, but that’s long gone.

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Gorgeous here as well. Mid 40s and sunny!

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Well here it’s hanging around 4c but at least it aint snowing.

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About 11C mild for the time of year (should be about 6C), wet and windy

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It is cold today and we have had quite a bit of snow. The temperature is just below freezing.

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Mizzeri is gorgeous as spring!

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A week ago we had windchills -25 F. Today and tomorrow it’ll be in the mid 50s with a chance of severe thunderstorms tomorrow. Welcome to Illinois!

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