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Should Girl Scouts be allowed to sell cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30574points) February 8th, 2018

news article

Apparently this is evolving into a controversy on the theory that somehow the scouts are being damaged by proximity to a Leaf store.

I think the Girl Scout was brilliant. She was selling where the customers were.

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I think it’s brilliant, too!

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This has been done for years, It has been done in San Francisco, and in Colorado. It isn’t a controversy at all, the NY TImes is just late to the scene.

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Yes. Period….....

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Would people be upset with them selling cookies at a drugstore, or liquor store? Many stores sell drugs. Walmart. Grocery stores. Etc….

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Yes. Have you seen the profit they are making? The one guy said if they sell one box for $5 then that means she made over $1000. More than I made selling for 2 weeks.

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^Sounds like you could have made better decisions about where to sell them….

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Yeah, well I never sold outside of stores. My dad took them to his work.

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^So you didn’t even sell them, personally? Hard to claim a moral high ground, if your father was selling them, instead of you. Just saying….

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I went around my neighborhood but no one actually bought any. So the effort was there just not successful. Not claiming a moral high ground.

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Supply and demand… Should we be mad at people selling water in a hot area?

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Exactly. Smart marketing.
What if you sold girl scout cookies outside of a fitness center though.

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^Ok. What if?

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Well, I don’t want to hijack the question but I was just wondering, because you said “supply and demand” if you sold cookies outside of a fitness center would that tempt people to want to buy cookies, specifically people who are trying to cut back on that and struggling, or are already overweight? Not everyone who goes to a gym/fitness center is 100% good at controlling themselves around sugar/temptation of sugar.

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@SergeantQueen while that’s true (not everyone controls their sugar intake) – that’s not the Girls Scouts problem. It’s the consumer’s issue.

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@SergeantQueen, by that logic, certain businesses should be prohibited from leasing space with any proximity to a gym. For example, would you deny a donut shop a prime location in a high traffic area because some people might not have the self-control to resist?

Being responsible for our own decisions is part of being an adult.

And yes, clever Girl Scouts for locating there!

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Yes. Initiating the idea was a brilliant marketing concept.

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I personally am not blaming the girl scouts, I know it’s a consumer issue and I’m not saying that business shouldn’t be allowed near a gym if they sell junk food either, my point/question is that people seem to have issues with the girl scouts selling outside of a dispensary for many reasons, would people have an issue with them selling outside of a gym as well. I think they should be able to sell where ever they want, provided the company agrees.

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I have no problem with Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries, and I wish people would think about what it means to say that something “shouldn’t be allowed.” To say that they shouldn’t be allowed to sell there means that they shouldn’t be allowed to engage in a legal activity—even with the permission of their parents and the business owner—because of some vague feeling of moral panic that someone might feel somewhere at some time.

P.S. I don’t understand the pile up on @SergeantQueen. She made it very clear that she’s in favor of allowing the Girl Scouts to sell cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries, and her questions were pointing out the hypocrisy of people being against it while being for comparable behaviors. Maybe everyone is just misinterpreting her answers?

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It’s absolutely brilliant marketing. I’m guessing if the Walmarts in California dispensed marijuana there would be no qualms about the girl’s selling there.


Not sure why you’re harping on @SergeantQueen here. Nothing she said indicated that she was mad or claiming any kind of high ground.

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Charleston SC, has a big college scene downtown. So. It’s full of Starbucks, and bars…..

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Yes, @SavoirFaire that was what I was trying to get at. I’m not the best at explaining myself so I sometimes come off as unclear.
I think that a common place to sell is outside of large grocery stores like wal-mart and it seems people get iffy about other places.

I mean, based off my prior knowledge and what was mentioned in the article, You really only need permission from the company along with making sure you are following the rules of your organization/unit. So, if it was allowed within the organization and the company agreed, they could probably sell outside of a porn shop.

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—@SergeantQueen, I’m guessing food might not be on people’s minds as they are leaving a porn shop. Ha!—

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@chyna There are some crazy fetishes out there. :)

When I was selling with my youngest a few years back we went to Walmart, local banks and local gas stations. All we needed was permission from management at the location. I think selling in front of a marijuana dispensary is a brilliant idea.

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@Darth_Algar . Maybe you’re right. I had a disagreement with her on another thread. Maybe I let it bleed into this one. Not something that I am proud about. Thank you for calling me out…

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As long as they’re not standing in front of the entrance, I think they should be able to sell anywhere. A couple of feet off to the side is good so I don’t have to knock them over to get out of the subway.

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Sure, why not. People getting excited about this are just trying to whip up controversy where none presently exists.

Reminds me of this from “Melvin P. Thorpe the news reporter from *Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

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Perhaps the question should have been, if parents should alow their children around such places. If there is an ideological issue….

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I agree @MrGrimm888 It’s obvious she did really well-selling cookies outside this shop, so marketing and whatnot was very smart and isn’t the issue. It’s the “morality” if you will of allowing young children to be exposed to such things. but, if they are outside of the shop what are they really being exposed to besides the idea?

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^I guess it is an exercise in morality. The problem is that morality , is subjective. However, if the goal is highest sales (no pun intended,) it is maybe a lesson in marketing. It’s definitely a grey issue…

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