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What is he acting like this?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7793points) August 15th, 2008

my shih-tzu, “max” is getting close to 1 year old. took him in to be groomed on monday and they cut him real low because he was matted in some places. besides being uncomfortable from itching and scratching, he is not his usual self when it’s time to go out. open the crate and he just sits there when he usually bolts out gleefully. open the door to go out and you almost have to pay him. he LOVES to go outside. what gives?

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correction in the question field: WHY is he acting like this?

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Maybe an allergy to the shampoo is causing the itching.

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You should take him to see a psychiatrist immediately.

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Aww poor fella is embarrassed of his new hair cut. Are the other dogs mocking him over it perhaps? Kids can be sooo cruel.

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@osullivan: funny. actually.

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haha, my cat was the same way he would hide and fall over I also agree to think its embarresment.

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He’s pissed off….
He’s been robbed of his ‘animal-strength’...ala Sampson
The ‘bitch’ next door is teasing him…
He specifically said “one inch off the top and just trim the sides..”
That ‘rat-tail’ thing doesn’t bode well with the ‘big dogs’.
Now everyone can see his…..shame….
It’s safer in the cage….the guys just won’t understand.
“I’m not a puppy anymore….damnit!”

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could it be he is afraid if he comes out you will take him to that groomer again

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@cc34 You may need to take him to a vet. Listlessness can be a sign of illness.

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My dog molly did that after her first haircut. I think she just felt naked.

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If the groomer strung him up, as some do, and he jumped and pulled to get away from the grooming, he could have sprained or otherwise injured his neck or back. You might want to have the vet check him out just to make sure he’s not in any discomfort. I would not blow it off on the haircut until I ruled that other thing ou, particularly since his back is a little bit long vs his height.
Good luck to you!

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oh ar that must hurt so bad Lars. Thank goodness gerbils dont get haircuts

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It does! My little dog had it happen to her neck because she fought so badly. She was on muscle relaxers for a week and recovered fine, but you could tell she was hurting. She did not want to move and when she did, she moved very stiffly—just like a person with a sore back!

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Poor lil girl. that is mean that they could risk harming an animal and not warn the owner of the possibility if they had fought they may have pulled something

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Needless to say the little diva did not go back there!

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I took my dog to a groomer once and they were not done with her when I came back, she was still in the shampoo tub. She was so excited to see me she kept trying to jump out with a leash around ehr neck. I can see how a dog could get injured if left unattended. I had to leave because she would not settle down with me right there. She thought it must be time to go home!

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