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Anyone have an invite for Yay

Asked by Magnus (2884points) August 15th, 2008

I don’t mean to beg, but if anyone would kindly invite me? =D

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I have 5. Send me your email and one will be yours.
Send it there.

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Yay hoo’what’?

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I have 5 too but you can probably just apply or whatever the process is now. I think there is a queue of people waiting to be invited. Shouldn’t be that hard to get in.

Here’s a YH protip: don’t post an introduction thread. Just try to blend in like you’ve been there all along. :)

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What a horrible forum, all I got from it was this guy being a twat in my blog comments.
Sigh I love fluther more.

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YayHooray is definitely not for the feignt of heart. :-)

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Oh man, you even posted that you were new! I warned you! That’s like dangling a steak in front of a starving bear! You got off pretty easy so far, actually. YH is not at all friendly to new people.

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I’m actually a big fan of Yayhooray. I’ve trolled the site for quite awhile now. It can be a pretty good source of info for graphic/web questions. It’s true that some of the threads are crap, but most forums have that. I personally think it’s a pretty entertaining place to visit.

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If you can get serious answers, then yes, there are some ridiculously talented designers, programmers, web designers, etc there. You just have to be able to put up with a bunch of silliness in between. But that silliness is what I love about it too. Anything goes on that site.

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Yes, the silliness is what I keeps me coming back to YH too.

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I can’t find the site

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Hoping to grab an invite too… Hope some of the people above don’t mind me asking.

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