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Where can i find recyclable plastic sheet material?

Asked by tafar (14points) August 15th, 2008

I’m looking for a material to use in a sculpture (pictured here: it has to me 1/8” thick(+/-) and be translucent, AND have an active waste stream ready and waiting to receive the scrap for recycling. any ideas?

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You can get PET in various forms (sadly, I don’t have a good local supplier, but you should try talking to TAP plastics)—including quite rigid sheet. You can make PET from plastic bottles, so you can use recycled materials and then recycle them into the regular blue bin stream.

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Hi Ben! Thanks for answering
So the next big question is: can you put unmarked PET scraps into the blue bin , or do they need the little recycling symbol with the number?

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Not a clue—but you’d be better off taking the scraps directly to the recycling center for sorting, if you have a large quantity.

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