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If a local news station busted you for illegal parking, would you move?

Asked by KNOWITALL (18989points) February 20th, 2018

A local news station is confronting people who park illegally in handicapped spaces, and airing it on tv. Would you move? Do you think social activism by civilians or news crews should be an example for the rest of us, or is it unacceptable?

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I would move my car, unless I was properly parked. An error would be a mistake by me, I don’t park in handicapped spaces.

It would be useful for them to film this if they leave in people they confront that are appearing to be violating the law, but that are not visibly handicapped. People with heart conditions, or caretakers picking up someone who is disabled.

Just seeing someone who appears to be cheating and learning they have a legitimate reason is an exercise in shaming people for being themselves.

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I can’t drive, but if I could I would probably be too nervous about the possibility of someone catching me parking in a handicapped spot when I’m not, and confronting me. So I wouldn’t do it in the first place.
But If I were to, I wouldn’t want my face on the news, but I would move.

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If they’re correct, of course I would move.

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I would move it if I had accidently parked in a handicapped space because I don’t park in handicapped spaces. I don’t want to tempt fate.

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I kind of hate that concept. Young people with invisible disabilities already get harassed like crazy by members of the general public who think that people who don’t fit their narrow definition of what a disability looks like couldn’t possibly be disabled.

Granted, if your news crew is only bothering people who don’t have the proper stickers, that’s not nearly as bad, but I’m afraid it would just encourage that behavior.

My dad once parked in a handicapped space without a sticker – we were on our way home from the Cleveland Clinic, where I had just been released from the hospital following major abdominal surgery. We were pulled over at a rest stop to use the bathroom. We didn’t have a sticker because I was only briefly disabled by my surgery, but I definitely was not up for a lot of walking on that particular day. I’m glad nobody harassed us and we didn’t get ticketed. I certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed explaining my personal medical situation to a TV news crew.

Rant aside – of course I would move. I would be horrified if I ever accidentally parked in a handicapped spot when I didn’t need it. The fact that it’s televised is irrelevant for me.

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I kind of hate that concept. Young people with invisible disabilities already get harassed like crazy by members of the general public

That is true but I will harass a blatant jerk. It’s rare I am certain enough. Rare meaning twice in my life.

One time I followed a kid in a hockey jersey with hockey gear in his car into Starbucks and loudly said, “Awesome dude, you totally blocked that wheelchair lady from parking in the handicapped space!”

Another time it was a guy I worked with, and I knew his handicap was douchebaggery.

That being said, the TV news people shouldn’t be picking petty fights with individuals. If they care they should explore ways to improve visibility, educate the public, or whether ticketing should be stepped up.

I would never intentionally park in a handicap space and sure, I would move.

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Not something I have to be concerned with. I had surgery a few weeks ago and as a result was issued a handicap tag for my car. I have steadfastly refused to use it on the premise that there are people out there who need the spaces much more than I do.

I once had a minor confrontation with someone who accused me of parking in a HC space. He was embarrassed and backed down after I pointed out to him that he was mistaken. It was an easy enough mistake. He assumed that the closest space HAD to be a handicap space but it was not (I have no idea why not, I actually thought it should have been), the next three were however.

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I have a cousin whose leg was amputated below the knee due to an improperly treated gymnastics accident decades ago. She used to post about how much flack she got for parking in handicap zones soon after the operation because she didn’t look handicapped while sitting in her car. One guy pissed her off so bad she took off her prosthetic leg and shook it at him!

Same as everyone else. I don’t park in handicap parking so of course I would move if I had inadvertently done so.

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Yes, I hate parking tickets (I even avoid parking meters, sometimes parking a mile or more away from where I want to be, to avoid them) and would move as soon as I realized I was in danger of getting one, no matter who pointed out my mistake.

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It’s pretty unlikely that that would happen to me, because I deliberately park far away from building entrances and other “popular” spots where handicapped spaces are generally located, so that I can enjoy the walk (even in the rain; it’s just water falling from the sky, after all) and so that I can avoid the crowds of people and vehicle congestion.

But even so, it could happen, I suppose. And given that a lot of twenty-year-old parking lot markings are wearing off now and not always very well maintained, it’s certainly easy enough to do, too. (I’ve seen people park in handicap spaces inadvertently – because when I’ve pointed it out to them very nicely – because the markings are nearly invisible – they scramble to correct it.)

And so would I. It’s illegal to park in a handicap spot without the placard (and I would suggest: “and the need”, because I know some people who have held onto the placards long after the need has been obviated, and make use of them), so of course I would move.

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I saw a woman deliberately push her empty shopping cart in a handicapped space. I asked her how she thought a person that is handicapped would be able to park there. She told me to move the buggy if it was bothering me. I said no, you move it. You put it there. She moved it slightly. I hope when she complains to her friends about this that they call her on it.

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News crews are pious jerks who aren’t afraid of using their power to make anyone look bad.
I’d move the car.

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@KNOWITALL If a local news station busted you for illegal parking, would you move?

Yes, I’d change the channel immediately.

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@Pinguid Wouldn’t happen, I avoid the front at all times. But I think it is intrusive and rude to publicly shame people on tv, not being law enforcement seems wrong.

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