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Do parents still pull out kids' loose teeth?

Asked by Jeruba (47745points) February 21st, 2018

Or do they think these days that they ought to take the child to a dentist for that?

No doubt some kids still wiggle their loose teeth out, preferably at a time and place that will gross somebody out.


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I’d have to ask my son in Paris; don’t know.

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I’ve never heard of parents doing it. Mine seem to all come out while eating; quite a disturbing feeling when you’re about to consume your own tooth. xD

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^I think I remember people giving me bananas, when I had a loose tooth. Kinda messed up. I probably ingested half of my baby teeth.

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My granddaughter pulls out her own. No one else is allowed to touch.

She has one that is hanging by a string, and I offered to yank it, but she says “I’ll handle it”

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My kids lost their teeth only by them coming out by themselves; never an intervention.

(Until it came to wisdom teeth, those were all pullled by oral surgeon.)

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My milk teeth all came out naturally by themselves and it was the same with my children. The only difference was the amount the tooth fairies paid.

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I’m not sure how we define “still”.. But 30 years ago I remember being terrified in my grandpas RV. Pliers in one hand and a tennis ball in the other. Squeeze when it hurts and my two front teeth were gone in a few minutes.

Looking back.. This was probably less stressful than going to the dentist.

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I remember my mom doing this once. And once only. After that I didn’t tell her when one was loose until it fell out.

“Fell” is not really the proper word, I pushed and pulled it in all directions with tongue and fingers until it came out.

I offered to do it to both my kids but neither took me up on it.

With my granddaughter I tied a string to the door and offered her the other end to tie to her tooth. She ran from the room screaming “Mommmmmmmmmm!!!!”

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Of course they do! Or the kids pull them themselves. Why on earth would anyone go to the dentist for such a thing?
When my son was about 3 his older sister had a loose tooth. His suggestion for getting it out was, “We tie her to the door then SLAM the door!”

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When I was about 9 there was one memorable day when I lost 3 teeth on the same day! Teeth falling left and right! I remember pulling one when I was out in a wheat field with my friend.

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It’s been 15+ years since I lost a tooth, but for what it’s worth I don’t really remember having my parents pull any…maybe one or two. The school nurse pulled a whole lot more than that, which I do remember. Lots of them just worked their way out on their own too. Definitely never went to the dentist for it.

I was pretty squeamish about it and quite happy when I finished losing them. I still have nightmares where my teeth are falling out.

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Is a fascinatingly gross thing, isn’t it!

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I remember the feeling of wiggling it back and forth on its last “legs” until it came out. Don’t remember my parents or a dentist ever pulling one.

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I always thought the owner of the loose teeth did it. I know I did. I’d just sit and gently twist and twist. lol Ah, the crushing problems of childhood.

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