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So what foods aren't bad for you?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19441points) February 21st, 2018

I was told that applesauce was bad for you. What isn’t bad for you? It seems that everything I buy is bad for me. I’m thinking of having granola and eggs every day for breakfast and VH Steamers and home made chicken wings for supper.

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I think if you keep a few basic rules in mind, you will be able to navigate the supermarket and find foods that are more healthy.

- Try to eat unprocessed foods. Take the applesauce – rather than eat apples in this format, eat apples. They’ll taste better and will provide more nutrients/fiber. But overall, you want to find foods that have the least amount of ingredients.

- Minimize sugar. Say you want to eat yogurt – check the sugar content. Most sweetened yogurts have more sugar per serving than soda. Get a plain yogurt. And if you need flavor and texture, add fresh or frozen blueberries or raspberries and almonds.

- Minimize your meat consumption. But when you do eat meat, try to eat lean (chicken breast, fish, etc).

- Don’t carb load. If you make yourself a pasta dish, make the pasta the small part of the meal. Load it with vegetables and meat, but keep from making the pasta the main part of the meal. And rather than have sandwiches, eat whatever you had intended as a sandwich as a salad. Bread and pasta are quickly converted to sugar in your body, and you’ll get blood sugar spikes as though you ate a candy bar. It’s bad for your weight and it’s a nasty cycle that causes more cravings for carbs. If you do eat carbs, eat a small amount and try to make them whole grain (lots of fiber).

- Drink water or tea, and plenty of it. Stay hydrated.

Eggs are great, but hold the granola. It’s likely loaded with sugar. Instead, throw spinach and a bit of feta in your eggs. Chop up vegetables and make yourself a hearty egg scramble. It will fill you up and keep you this way for far longer than the granola.

So if you shop with the intention of buying more “whole” (unprocessed) foods, filling your cart with produce and other unprocessed (or minimally-processed non-sugary) foods, you should do ok.

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If you have been keeping up with the latest research you will know that all foods are either cancerous, cause high blood pressure or block your arteries. I think cardboard is still safe though not very nutritious.

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What did they say was wrong with applesauce? (It wasn’t in response to “Can I eat only applesauce for a month?”, was it?)

Most natural foods are fine, in moderation and in variety with other natural foods. There are few things you can eat only, without variation, unless you get all your nutrients and a good balance of protein, carbs and fat.

I don’t know what “VH steamers” are, but granola, eggs, and chicken are ok, but the “every day” part, without eating other things, is a problem. You didn’t mention any vegetables or fruit…

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@Zaku I have a banana every day. Most fresh food goes bad in my fridge. I have toast and jam as well. The vh steamer has broccoli… its an asian tv dinner only costs $3 a meal
my nurse told me to eat them.

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The only healthy meat, is unicorn…

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Fresh fruit and vegetables.
Frozen vegetables are also okay.
Whole grain bread.
Whole grain brown rice.

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I think applesauce is fine if you get the natural unsweetened kind.

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